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My mother ordered a free trial of the nuvajem gold anti-aging serum in august 2016 when she was visiting texas. She has since cancelled the free trial three times. She was debited 4 times $98.71 and transactions come from same company under three different names, 2 different states in the us. Granted they stopped the november transaction but they resumed and did another draft in december and one more this month. She is a 72 year old woman on a fixed income and embarrassed to tell me that she has was scammed. Today I barely found out what has been going on for the past 5 months and I had to call her bank to cancel her debit card to get the claim process going. I have called this company and I have been on hold with these people that ship from fountain valley ca for over an hour with no luck of talking to anyone live. I will follow up with an email to their support line to see if I can ship product back and get my mother her of almost $400.00 back.

Eliana iturrizaga

Nuvajen Gold
Nuvajen Gold

Jan 23, 2017

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