NTB / National Tire & Battery / sales rep and no concern from regional manager.

Spring Tx., US

my complaint starts with being offered a lower price from the salesman if i would pay in cash and not need a warranty on repairs. i told the rep sure, but would need to come back another time. i the went outside to contact NTB corporate office to reach a regional manager " which was not easy", and explained to the person who answered what was going on. they attempted to reach the regional but then i had to hang up as the mechanic came to me to give me my keys. Then as i walked to my vehicle i noticed my luggage rack rail sticking straight up broken, and back window shattered. mechanic who brought me my vehicle denied it happened there, the mechanic who looked at the vehicle on the lift said he never noticed this happened. i asked for the acting manager and walked back to the bay area to look. i photographed the ceiling where my ladder hit from the lift that i told the rep initially to watch out for and also the paint on my ladder from the ceiling. the glass on the concrete from my rear window was cleaned up? but no one noticed? it turns out as i understand, the sales rep who offered me the under the table deal was also the acting manager? he did immediately accept blame after i told him of the paint on my ladder and the matching scratch marks on the ceiling of the bay, and agreed to pay for the damages. while they were calling for someone who could fix the window, i called corporate again to speak with the regional again. they attempted to reach him with no avail. they said he would contact me later. while im in the office the regional called and was talking to another sales guy about my vehicle, of which he didn't know i was the guy they were talking about. needless to say, i never heard back from the regional, while my window was being fixed from another shop (not my luggage rack yet) the sales/ manager approached me and asked "whats up with that crap? i thought we were good on me fixing your vehicle? " i asked what are you talking about? he then said "you called my regional?, now my manager is out $500.00 and the store looses like $1500.00 and im going to be in trouble for not reporting this"
which I stated i didn't know he wasn't reporting it. Then he asks why would i do that? i told him i did to make sure i would be taken care of and no one tries to mess me over on the damages! He then proceeded to tell me that since i called corporate that he could no longer give me the cash deal either as that was my fault.?
and i still haven't heard from anyone in upper management, and when i called about the luggage rack replacement, they asked that i try to find one because there having no luck and that i should try a junk yard????
and still i haven't heard from anyone in any management? store or region? this may explain why there is such underhanded buissness and alot of profit loss. and to think the regional just gave this joker rep a raise while i was at the store? if he would have been there another 30 minutes, alot this probably could have been avoided.

Nov 22, 2017

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