NTB / National Tire & Batteryfirst oil change

Good afternoon, I am more than displeased with the service, unprofessionalism, and rude treatment that me and my son received today at NTB, as we arrived to get his first oil change. Let me reveal that manager Tracey Howe was extremely non-empathetic to our quality of time and patience. I believe, he forgot that we were paying customers. And, as paying customers there is a level of respect that you do not cross. We arrived at 11:41am for a 12pm appointment while Adrian was checking out a customer, we kindly waited in line. Adrian then made a time consuming phone call to a customer, then after that call he could not locate the paperwork needed for the customer to check out. The customer said to us that he'd been waiting 2 hrs for an oil change. My son and I were furious, it is now 12pm, all we really want to do is check in and have a seat. Manager Tracey Howe then stepped over to the other register to assist us at 12:05. We walked over expounding on our frustration of having to wait in line for such a lengthy time with no acknowledgement of our time.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Austell, GA I stated that we were early when we arrived, now we are late, that I did not want to wait here for two hours like the previous gentleman did for only an oil change, that this only occurs when I come to this location. Manager Tracey then commenced to argue with me, and eluded to the fact that I had an attitude. He went on to argue with me. I frantically said, how dare you argue with a customer, who has a right to be impatient and frustrated with the service that has been displayed. He continued to argue with me. I was dismayed. I asked him to cease conversation and check us out as quickly as he could.

It was later revealed that the young man, Adrian was new; with that I have compassion. He later apologized because he visually saw us waiting the entire time.

The above reasons of unprofessional behavior, rudeness, and lack of acknowledgement for a customers time are all prime reasons of why I stopped bringing my vehicle to this particular NTB. My sons first experience was devastating, so unfortunately this will be his last time as well. This location is convenient to our home. I have experienced great service at other locations in the surrounding Atlanta area, this center will soon need to catch up to a better quality of service.

1250 East West Connector
Austell, GA 30106

Nov 24, 2018

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