NTB / National Tire & Battery / customer service

Kansas City, KS, United States

On 10/28/17 @11 am I was at the Ntb store located at the legends in Kansas City Kansas 110th and Parallel to have 2 tires placed on my vehicle. The attendant advised me that my wait would be 2 hours because I didn't have a appointment. I was fine with that and left for awhile. I called at 4 pm to check on my vehicle and was advised by the worker that it was not ready and it would be awhile. I tried to question why it was not ready since I was told 2 hours and I was well past the 2 hr time but I was continually interrupted by the attendant in what I felt was a belittling manor. He would not allow me to talk. I was able to contact the mgr Mike who did remember the conversation about my 2 hr quote. He apologized and quickly got my vehicle ready in 25 min. My chief complaint is customer service from the worker. I don't know his name but Mike does and can provide it. I would like the worker counseled or retrained on how to treat customers. I would also like to be informed of the solution.

Oct 28, 2017

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