Norton Rose Fulbright Lauren Fine / Lauren Fine

Cape Town South Africa, ZA

I got bad service from a lawyer called Lauren Fine who works at Norton Rose Fulbright!!! Her service was bad and she was rude. I will not use Norton Rose Fulbright again becuase of the bad service and rudeness from Lauren Fine. I do not expect lawyers to be rude to there customers. Lauren Fine is a bad attorney. I have also now found out that she was named and shamed in Noseweek Magazine for being a bad attorney!!!

  • Updated by Leta23, Mar 23, 2017

    LAuren why is Claire Wiese being rude to Danielle??? You are a bully Lauren!!! Is it true that Claires brother committed adultery on his first wife with one of her friends??? Is it true that it was with two women at the same time??? I am going to put that information up on the internet. They must all hate you in the end Lauren!! They will know that you could have stopped it at any time but that you can't ask your ex boy friend to help you becuase you did terrible things to him didnt you??? I knew when I started putting up information about your sisters children and you couldnt stop me could you!! Thats when I knew you couldnt speak to him to ask him for help could you!! You went too far didnt you!! You tried to set him up for the letters we sent you didnt you!! No man will forgive that will they! You thought you were being so clever didnt you Lauren!!!

Mar 23, 2017

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