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Northern Leasing / Did not sign with Northern Leasing

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Somehow Northern Leasing along with Global Pay changed my merchant services provider from CynergyData to Northern Leasing and Global Pay. I did not catch this for a couple of months. I did not sign any contracts with either company - how did they get this done? I am going to have CynergyData change my credit card machine back to the customer number I have with them. If this does not work I will try changing my bank account number. Any other suggestions if these fail. From what I am seeing on the web this company needs to be put out of business (if you call this business) permanently. Isn't there someone somewhere who can help us?

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  • Ja
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    We too are going through a similar issue with this Cynergy Data. A lady by the name of Christine was managing our cancilation.

    To get you all up to speed with our situation. We originally signed up with SmartPayment Solutions in October of 2008 and in the begining everything was fine until we started to notice extra charges being run through our connected bank of america account. We were using SmartPayment to process our ACH transactions and a company called EquityCommerce (Another scam company) was processing the credit card transactions. When we went to confront SmartPayment about the issue they were friendly and tried there best to resolve the issue and they even gave us the contact information for the Credit card proccesor ( Equity Commerce ). So we contact Equity Commerce and they told us that we didn't even have an account with them. I was furious and thought that it was Smart Payment Solutions who was at fault. Come to find out it was Equity Commerce who made the error. Equity Commerce moved our account to CyneryData with us even knowing they stated because it was hi risk.

    We contacted CynergyData to close the account and get all remaining credits released from the account. The main issue was that we processed a card for 2, 000 dollars through a virtual terminal in January 09 ( over eight months ago) they stated that because the site was not live we could not get access to the money because of risk of charge backs. Well i contacted Visa which was the card type of the 2, 000 transaction and they have a limit of 120 days before anyone can report a fraudulent transaction we were well over that time limit. Till this this day they are giving me the run around and not canceling the account. I faxed in a letter with the information they required on it for cancelation but then they said that my signature was not on the original contract so they could not process it. They also lied and said that they left several messages for me to inform me with that news but I never received any calls from them. Up until the date of this letter they still are holding my funds and collecting interest on it on there end. The funds are probably in a high interest bearing account that they own.

    Guys do not use CynergyData ( Cynergy Data) they are scams!!!

    Also Equity Commerce is an affiliate to CynergyData as well as Solveras Payment Solutions - and they use CynergyData as their credit card processor. We are now going back to where we have our other gateway accounts setup under. I am so upset that we had to learn the hard way but I am writing this to warn others of these horrible companies.

  • Ki
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    uh, ###, the guy is saying he wants to go back to cynergy data. GLOBAL PAY is the company screwing him.

    say what you will about northern leasing, but in the end, they're the largest leasing company in america.

    cynergy data is a class act.

    do you realize how many companies will give you rates 2% higher than they should be and then never answer their phones? do $80 dollar leases for 5 years when it should be 35? ive seen it all.

    you ran a 2, 000 dollar transaction on a non live site? what?

    why is it being held? they dont just hold money for no reason.

    sounds like you dont have your facts straight (and can't read)

  • Ki
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    a lease is a lease, you cant get out of it. closing your bank account will only screw you over in the long run. it wont go away.

    just pay it!

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