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Port Washington long island, United States
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Over 10 yrs ago I went with a now ex boyfriend to adopt a dog. The guy that interviewed me wrote down all the information my ex was telling him about his past pets which were pits. This had nothing to do with me I had no dogs before only cats all my life yet they put all his information on my application. We didn't even love together so why put it down. Any way long story short my ex turned out to be a real piece of work and is now in jail for attempted murder of me and my son. Why is this relevant, because today 10yrs later they denied me again for his past animal history.
I have had nothing but long term homes for cats... he I got when I was 10yrs old another 2 I got for my son at the age of 10... and 2 more after them...all lived there life happy and loved. For North Shore animal league to tell me I am not a good mother for any animal is a slap in my face.
Now a special needs cat will not have a loving home yet instead have more hell in a cage. Who's the monster now?
I respect that they are careful how and who they place their animals with but this is just not right. They refused to help and understand so again left me a victim of circumstances.

Jan 15, 2017

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