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Nokia 3250 / repair of handset

1 India

I, Sandeep Rathore completely harassed customer of Nokia.I bought a new Nokia 3250 on 13th May’2006 from Paschim Vihar market and I starts facing problem in my phone’s Music Player from August’2006 onwards. Then I decided to show my handset to Nokia care at M/s Bright Point India (P) Ltd. at Okhla for the same problem. So I sent my office executive over there in some around Ist week of September, They said there is no problem in your handset, so instead of repairing my handset they changed the hands free kit of my phone. As my office boy didn’t know anything about the exact phone problem so they made a fool of him and gave back the unrepaired handset to him, so I again contacted Nokia Care i.e. M/s Bright Point for the same problem. They told me to come again.

So I went again to the office and they said plz submit the handset to us and come after 7 days. So I called them after 7 days, they said your handset is repaired please get it collected, so I sent my office executive to collect the handset but again they gave the unrepaired handset to my executive. Then I told the same thing to M/s Bright Point about the same problem and I was again told to come again.

This time I decided to go personally and submitted the handset to them and was told to come after 7 days. So I again went to there after 7 days but same thing happened as I was expecting, phone was not duly repaired. So I asked them to swap my handset with new handset. They said for that purpose you need to talk to Nokia Customer Care. So on the same day I called Nokia Customer Care and was told to wait for 3-4 days to get the swapped phone.

So finally after 5 days I got a call from M/s Bright Point that plz collect your swapped handset. I went over there and found and shocked that the swapped phone was of Black colour instead of my Original Silver colour.So I asked for Silver colour they replied what Nokia provides us the same We forwards to the customer so we can’t help it. So I took a black colour because it would have been better to have black colour then without being a phone and launch the complaint to Nokia Customer Care about the colour problem.

So after 2 or 3 days I ultimately decided that there is no benefits to fight with Nokia because they won’t repair my handset and I did compromise with the unrepaired handset, but on some around in IInd week of October I got a call from Nokia Customer Care that Nokia is glad to tells you that Nokia is providing you a fresh phone and it’ll be given to you within 4 to 7 days and for that purpose you need to resubmit the handset to the same Nokia Care but I refuse them to resubmit the handset coz they’ll again keep my handset for another 10 – 15 days but they committed me that plz resubmitted the handset we assure you that we’ll send the handset within a week, so I again resubmitted the handset to Nokia Care.

But day after the commitment by the Nokia Customer Care, I got a call from M/s Bright Point India that your handset is duly repaired and Black panel is also replaced with the Silver panel so please get it collected immedietly.I wondered at that time and I told them that I am committed by the Nokia Customer care that you’ll be receiving a fresh phone then why are you all again giving me a repaired handset, I won’t take this phone. But M/s Bright Point told me that we have confirmed with the Nokia Customer Care that you’ll get the repaired handset along with the Silver panel as requested by you. So at last I sent my office boy over there to collect the handset and you won’t believe they gave him a broken handset and when my office boy asked for the same broken thing, then what Mr.Sanjeev at that time told to my office boy that its nothing it’s a minor thing let it go.

But when I got my handset in my hand I found it broken so I complaint for the same to M/s Bright Point and to the Nokia Customer Care also. Then I sent my office boy to resubmit the broken handset to them, so what they said we’ll not take this handset as it is broken. So I said, it was already broken when you handover it to my office boy then they replied your office boy should have to check the handset condition before taking the delivery. I fought for half an hour on phone call but they didn’t accept the phone.

After two days I got a call from Nokia Customer Care that we had a words with M/s Bright Point India so plz send the handset again to Nokia care centre and they’ll accept the same, so I finally sent my office boy to resubmitted that broken handset and after too much arguments with me and office boy, they finally accepted the handset.

So from the above statement you can find out how much visits and harassment are done foe single problem. Now from 12th October on which I submitted the broken handset, I am waiting for my fresh phone and no action is taken till date for my handset repairing. Now it’s already been 45 days that my handset is in custody of Nokia care and no standby phone is provided to me even after so many requests I have made to them.

So when I asked Nokia on 16th October through mail that now your 7 days are over plz tell me when I’ll be getting my fresh so what they said in reply of my mail that you need to contact Nokia care i.e. M/s Bright Point India on 28th October for your handset and one thing we’ll clear you Nokia will provide you reengineered or some components changed handset to you not a fresh phone.

Now I am totally confused that when I’ll be getting my duly repaired/fresh handset. Because it affects my job.

My complaint No with Nokia Customer Care is 2-1LCT3F

Details and justification given below:

Opportunity Costs Rs.960/-

Conveyance Charges Rs.1120/-

Phone Call Charges Rs.400/-(Appx.)

Mental Harassments Rs.10000/-

Study Interruptions Rs.1200/-

Loss of Salary Rs.800/-

Loss of warranty period Rs.2850/-

Rent of substitute phone Rs.2500/-

Justification of All Costs

Opportunity Cost

My monthly salary is Rs.25000/- and I works 8 hrs a day and 25 days a month. So per hour salary would be Rs.60/- and I visited myself six times at M/s Bright Point India which is 35 kms away from my home and for every visit I wasted at least four hrs.which means 6 visit multiplied by 4 hrs= 24 hrs.

So Actual Cost Incurred: 24*60 = 1440/-

Conveyance Charges

M/s Bright Point India is 70 kms (round trip) far away from my home and I visited six times as mentioned above, so total kms traveled was 70*6 = 420 kms.Four wheeler gives average of 12 kms per liter. So actual fuel consumed was 420/12 = 35 ltrs.

So Actual Cost Incurred: 35*48 = 1680/-

Phone Call Charges

N number of calls made to M/s Bright Point India and Nokia Customer Care. If Nokia wants the details then I can provide the same also.

So Actual Cost Incurred: 400/-

Mental Harassments

I lost my working efficiency due to mental stress given by Nokia by changing their commitments every time regarding repair of my costly handset. I always earned incentives/overtime from my company for my efficient works but due to this non availability of phone, borrowing phone from dealers affected my efficiency. I have exams in November’2006 and for my MBA and Insurance Associates. I also lost concentration from its study. My best relations has lost to with my permanent phone dealer coz I pressurized him every time for my phone. I got two times my BP high while arguing with Ms.Babita at M/s Bright Point and Mr.Amit/Mr.Bhatia at Nokia Customer Care which leads my health into a bad condition. My friends always made joke of me that you are so sick that even you can’t get your phone repaired from Nokia.I think what the amount I have mentioned for mental harassments is not too much but is very otherwise people like others demands more for Mental Harassments.

So Estimated Cost Incurred: 10000/-

Study Interruptions

I have to take daily classes of my MBA and Insurance early in the morning, which I have lost due to be on time at M/s Bright Point India to get interacted with Engineer as early as possible. I have lost my six classes. My each class cost me Rs.300/-

So Actual Cost Incurred: 1800/-

Loss of Salary

As I have visited six times to M/s Bright Point India (P) Ltd. and there was always delayed in examination of handset,so for every visit I need to take half day from my job.My per days salary is Rs.400/-

So Actual Cost Incurred: 2400/-

Loss of Warranty Period

My phone is currently in custody of M/s Bright Point India (P) Ltd. for the last 45 days and is forcing me to wait for more 15 days. So it means I have not used my phone for at least two months, so if I didn’t use my handset for the last two months so why should I cost my handset warranty to be lesser then 12 months. It should be extended by two months or Nokia should cost for any damage which would have covered if my handset warranty is being extended.I bought my handset for Rs.17100/-

So Actual Cost Incurred: 17100/12*2 = 2850/-

Rent of Substitute Phone

Since my phone is not with me and I have to carry on my job so I took a substitute handset from my nearest phone dealer on rent and he is charging me Rs.50/- per day.

So Actual Cost Incurred: 50*60 = 3000/-

Total Cost incurred = 1440

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