Nissanunkind treatment

I have 2014 Nissan Versa Note which is less than 3 years old but 66k km on it meaning out of warranty.
I experienced a rattling sound when drive for about 6 months. I thought it was due to rain and snow. When I realized it is no longer tolerable, I took it to the dealership. On the way to the dealership the "check engine" light came on. So, I asked them to fix the noise problem and mentioned about the "check engine" light too. The service person told that it could be related to the noise issue.
But they charged $129 for diagnostic in addition to the repair cost, totaling $330.
Next day, I opened the hood to see how they fixed the problem. I saw a missing clip under the hood. The mechanic forgot to put the clip back on leaving the engine lose.
I have to take the car back and got the clip installed.

Very disappointed with the service folks at Nissan. May not recommend anyone.

May 16, 2017

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