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Nissan North America / they refuse to perform warranty work

1 United States

I brought my 2003 350Z to Autoway Nissan complaining of an abnormal noise in the transmission. I was told that the noise is a "normal" noise for the 350Z and will probably get louder with age. I contacted Nissan North America and expressed my dissatisfaction with what I was told and was told that someone would contact me the following day.

Needless to say, Autoway Nissan had my car for 7 days (with no rental) waiting on Nissan North America to inspect and approve repairs. Once contacted (after demanding), Nissan North America stated that since the dealership has said it was a normal noise they would not be able to perform the repair under warranty.

When I questioned the regional representative about why there was no service bulletin on this noise to address the number of concerned consumers he got rude with me. I relayed to him that I have been an ASE Master Technician for 15 years and this noise may indeed be normal for the 350Z but under no circumstances was it a normal noise for a manual transmission.

I have contacted Transmission repair shops, Z car specialist, and enthusiast, and have been told although the transmissions are a little on the noisy side, my experience was NOT normal (sounds like marbles rolling around in the box). Nissan North America has hung up on me 3 times and will now no longer return any of my phone calls.

I now have a 2003 350Z sitting in my driveway with 50, 000 miles on it, originally was under factory warranty and continues to be under Nissan extended warranty that I am embarrassed to drive due to the noises coming from the transmission that is normal.

That is not the only warranty problems I have had:

2007 Nissan Frontier - Refused warranty on cowl panel discoloration citing improperly maintained.

Fix: Replace or paint and properly maintain the exterior of the vehicle. (I have receipts documenting exterior washing at least 1 time a week and full detail 1 time every other month)

This is how Nissan treats the dedicated consumers they serve, be informed.

I currently own:

2006 Altima S - Nissan #10

2003 350Z - Nissan #11

2007 Frontier SE - Nissan #12

I have at one time or another owned nearly every Nissan car and truck offered for sale in the U.S. with very little problems with any and what problems I have had were when they were out of warranty so it didn't matter anyways.

Nissan North America...PISS OFF!

Thanks for treating your devoted buyers with the respect they deserve!


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