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We purchased a pre-owned Maxima on April 29th from the Palmetto 57 Nissan dealership in Miami. While we were looking at the car, we specifically asked if it came with 2 keys and were told that it did. After many hours and negotiating, we decided to purchase the car and went through the entire process. At the very end when we were on the phone finalizing insurance with our insurance company, we were told that it turns out it only has one key. We expressed our extreme displeasure and were told they would see what they can do. We have since been told that they contacted the prior owner to see where the extra key was to no avail. We were then informed how much an additional key would cost (the actual key plus programming) but that they are not willing to give it to us.

Besides the key issue, there was an issue with the SIM card which it turns out could have been addressed immediately. However, a new SIM card was ordered and we had to go back to the dealership for it 2 weeks later. The new SIM card didn't work, but one they had in stock did work so we waited 2 weeks for no reason. Additionally there was a strange noise we needed addressed and were told by the sales person that it was caused by various things which was not the case. Eventually he contacted the mechanic who knew exactly what it was and addressed it. All this took many hours and was extremely frustrating.

We hesitated to purchase a Maxima as a "luxury" car as over the past 25 years we have driven Lexus and the customer service was excellent. The customer service at Nissan goes to show that you get better service with a true luxury brand and we're very disappointed. We have left numerous messages for the Sales Manager and the GM but have not been contacted back. Considering that Nissan says they want to ensure their customers happy, this experience has been rather surprising and disappointing. If we were told the car came with 2 keys, then we should have received 2 keys for the price we paid, simple as that. This is a classic bait and switch example.

May 15, 2017

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