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I reached out to Nissan Canada when I bought a Nissan. The cars may be well built - but - their customer service is the antithesis of helpful:
- I asked how to get notice of recalls? (NB Nissans have lots of recalls, and when I checked they were out of replacement parts!). I was told to mail in my certificate of ownership - which I did. In reply, I received a form letter saying the info is insufficient. So I visited my dealership and - voila - I was added to the recall list in minutes!
- My recall involved a failed driver side airbag and signal light. So I called Nissan to book my appointment (NB no notice was received). Work was performed but the trouble light was still on? The Nissan dealer told me it costs over $100 to find out why. Really? Was told the recall did not cover it?
- I contacted Nissan Canada customer service to fix it. After a lengthy wait, I received no reply? So I called their customer service line in Mississauga and left a message. Again, no reply. So I contacted them again via their WEB site. This time, I received an officious phone call (nothing in writing) from a supervisor. Remarkably, she contributed nothing to resolve the problem.
My conclusion? Dealing with Nissan Canada customer service is a complete waste of time. Don't even bother - and be prepared to wait for them to say no.

Apr 16, 2018
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      Aug 22, 2019

    I have a 2015 Nissan Sentra, a few months back the ABS light came up on my dashboard. When I took it for the diagnosis the technician gave me a report and it stated the left rear side connector between the ABS Sensor and the Body Harness is rusted. And because of it, the light is on. There is nothing wrong with the whole ABS assembly or the brakes. And now my problem is the connector is a very little part of this whole assembly, and their recommendation is to change the whole body harness where there is nothing wrong with it and it will cost me $4000-$5000. I do not understand why do I have to pay such a big price just to get this little part replaced? I know the company does not manufacture this part, but there has to be another alternative to this.

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