Nissanterrible experience

We've had this car since new for 6+ years and have had this "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" indicator show up on the dashboard. This has happened 5 times in 6 years, in which 4 of those times, it has been the same problem: the vent control valve was no longer working.

The dealer in Unionville Ontario, Canada has said each and every time that "parts do fail". The problem is that this part failed 4 times in 6 years when it was supposed to last the lifetime of the car. After repeated requests for the dealer (after the 3rd time) to get Nissan Canada involved, the answer was always no. Seemed suspicious that every 1+ year, that this part will fail.

I called Nissan Canada myself and complained. I told them the dealer was willing to provide full maintenance history of the car, but after 2 minutes on the line with them, the CSR says "oh, your car doesn't have extended warranty" and there was nothing that could be done. If I had extended warranty, would I be calling them... not so bright, those people at customer service. The fact is the same part has failed 4 times in 6 years and no one thinks that is abnormal.

Well, I think it's abnormal and for their attitude, when my 2 Nissans need replacing with new models, I can guarantee you it will NOT be another NISSAN product... ever. We've got a large extended family, and believe me, I will do everything in my power to dissuade them from buying a NISSAN or INFINITY product. There are quality conscious and customer friendly car companies out there, so NISSAN can kiss my business goodbye.

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