Nissan Burlington Ontario CanadaI have a 2006 nissan altima 3.5 litre v6

The engine light came on I my car took to a mechanic he replaced an 02 sensor for 600
Then 3 hrs after that driving the engine light came back this time diff codes p1148 closed circuit I look it up there's a service bulletin from Nissan saying when u replace the 02 sensor you must reprogram your ecu and it lists the steps .. so I call the Nissan stealership I mean dealership and talk to someone they said yeh u need it reprogrammed but u also need the throltw body cleaned while ur at it which I declined saying my mechanic just cleaned all that which he did well next he says it will cost you one hour labour 105 ...i went in the next day and asked the service desk to so the work on my ECU the mechanic saod to my fave okay 165 plus tax i said wait ismt it just an hr job?? He looks at me ok fine 125$ he drove my car into the shop and 10 min later come s out saying it's done with a bill and says I can't update ur computer it is already up to date hers a bill for 80 dollars so now I still have an engine light and im.wondering what I am being charged for I am paying 80 dollar for him to turn the key and drive 10 feet into the shop bay and waste my time playing dumb

Jun 10, 2018

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