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I ordered a Nikon SB-600 for what seemed like a good deal. That same day I had a phone call saying they would offer me a Vivitar Pro-548 flash for the same price. I said I had to research the product and he said to enter 548N on his website. I couldn't compare the 548 model very effectively on the internet, so I decided to look at Accessory Circut's reputation, then I found a PLETHORA of complaints! I'm fully expecting to get the runaround when I try to cancel my order. I emailed the customer service person and will wait and see what happens tomorrow. By the way, the website still shows the SB-600 IN STOCK, which is an absolute lie. I will follow up with this once more happens.

Nikon SB-600
Nikon SB-600

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      Dec 07, 2010

    Yes, these companies are very good at ripping us off. I had this happen with a 70-200 lense. They never sent it and when we asked for a refund we were told there would be a restocking fee for $295. We refused that offer since it never left their stock (I don't think they ever had one). They then said they were sending the money and sent a check for $295. They still have the other $1100 and have moved their location, phones don't work, etc. We paid cash as we physically walked into the "bogus" warehouse. They said it was out of stock there, at the warehouse, but would be sent. These companies are getting really good at scamming. Stay with reputable companies that have been around for a long time, like B&H or Midwest Photo exchange. I learned my lesson and realize that the manufactures of these camera accessories sell these items to the wholesaler with only room for a very small profit, therefore if someone has discounted a lensse or flash more than $100, you should be concerned because that means they are not profitting AT ALL. No company would do this.

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