Nikondefective camera

I purchased a NIKON coolpix L-820 camera for my daughter. It took terrible, blurry pictures. I sent the camera back as it was under manufactur's warranty. Did not hear a word from Nikon for over a month. Contacted them and was told they were waiting for parts. Long wait. I complained, and they sent me Coolpix L-810 which was worse than the first camera. I requested a refund or the ability to purchase a DSLR. Nikon stated they could do neither. They told us to send camera back for repair. My daughter even sent CEO, David Dentry (customer relations) pictures that were taken from camera and he accused her of editing the pics. Nikon is less than helpful. There customer relations department is a joke. This problem is not the result of negligence, it is the result of defective products. Nikon should do whatever they can to make things right. Instead, they could care less.
I would advise staying away from Nikon products. A company is only as good as their customer service when it comes to a problem!


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