Nikon D90wont call me back or answer phones for extended warrenty

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I purschased a nikon d90 from pyxis camera on ebay and was talked into the extended warrenty, I have been trying to register with the warrenty company and cannot get anybody on the phone know matter what time i call!! i have left 9 messgaes for them to call me and have absolutly know response...i am so upset and so pissed i got ripped off again from ebay sellers!! the name of the company with the extended warrenty is repairtech and the number on the warrenty card is [protected]...

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  • It
      Jan 27, 2009

    I ordereded a CD from a store on Ebay named ohdarnitallsales. It was a hard to find item in the Blues and Jazz genre. Not only did the seller ship the item on the same day it was ordered, they gave me another free CD at no charge at all. The shipping was free anyway. It was a used but very clean cd (both of them). I told two friends (we aren't the richest people on the planet) and they too had their items shipped on the same day they bought it and received the nicest communication. These sellers are not power sellers, their items look cool and they take care of their customers. With all the negative comments about Ebay I'd just like to point out that this sellers is pretty darn nice. My aunt is a vintage jewelry buff (is that what you call it ladies??) and she said the quality of the pins she bought was really good and the stones truly were vintage like she saw from her Mother's stuff. It is really nice to buy something online, have it packed well and on top of that, be there within days. ohdarnitallsales is in the west and I on the east coast and got mt items in two days. So did my aunt and my wife's friends. You never hear about sellers like this. My school mate's sister's Mom called her on the phone about a special order and found out that she collected antique dolls so her Mom bought one for her daughter. You only hear about the power sellers who buy their items from someone else, which is ok if the customer gets what they want but it's like driving on an old country road and coming across a Mom and Pop store, with an old coke machine in front, where it is reasonable and just mellow to shop. The owner makes all of her things which include Christmas ornaments and I thought I'd just give a shout out to ohdarnitallsales. Of course they dont make the CD's but the service was the same. people like this deserve some good customers. ohdarnitallsales was a breath of fresh air. I hope this sint spam because it really is a shout out for a really nice little store.

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  • Oh
      Aug 26, 2009
    Nikon D90 - Non delivery
    Closeout Genius
    United States

    Ordered a Nikon D90 camera body only from SCAM genius on weekend. Ordered rush delivery and received an email saying that I needed to call the company for expedited orders. No aswer until Monday when I was informed there was a 2-3 week backorder. I wait 3 weeks and try to call after severy attempts of no answer or hang ups I am informed that the camera is backordered. Camera was ordered in March. Only good thing is my card was not charged. My opinion of this so called store mirrors the opinion of others. I am suprised it is still open. The operation needs to be investigated and shut down.

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  • La
      Nov 21, 2009

    Ohdarnitallsales is one of the BEST stores, seller's and buyer's on Ebay. I agree 100%. With all of the changes that completely hinder a seller on Ebay, ohdarnitallsales is a breath of fresh air. Buy with confidence from Ohdarnitallsales.

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