Nikon Coolpix s4000warranty issues

I returned my Nikon Coolpix s4000 to Nikon Inc to have them repair my camera. It was returned to the company because the lens was stuck. When I turned the camera on, I would get a message:" Lens Error." I purchased the camera in March 2011, so therefore it was still under the warranty.

Nikon had the audacity to mail me an invoice for an estimated repair of the camera. The total amount was for $108.33, it stated that I can pay by check, money order or credit card. Why in the hell, would I pay $108.33 to repair a camera that I paid $109.00 for brand new? I'm sure that the retail value of the camera is under $100.00 now, since I purchased the camera over seven months ago.

I would like for Nikon to stand by their warranty and product and repair the camera. I felt insulted when I opened the invoice and realized that I was being charged to repair their faulty equipment.I would never purchase another Nikon product again.I am also going to spread the word to family, co-workers and friends that Nikon is not a company that doesn't honor their warranties.


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