Nikon Coolpix P-100mess at nikon service cebter - kolkata


I am writing this to bring attention of the concerned authority regarding the mess happening at the Nikon Service center - Kolkata, West Bengal. I have purchased P-100 which is having warranty period valid up to Feb, 2013. Starting from the purchase date the camera need to be serviced more than 5 times for the following reasons:

1. Dust got inside the lens (I wonder how it is possible as P-100 is supposed to be a compact digital camera). The service center said it will not come under warranty but at last they did it within warranty only.

2. Again dust got inside the lens.. This time I demanded that the cam is having manufacturing defect and want a replace though it did not happen. Again the service center said it will not come under warranty but at last they did it again within warranty only.

3. Cam zoom button was not working properly and was zooming in and out automatically... Service center claims it will not come under warranty and demanded 975/- for it but after arguing for almost 30 minutes when I demanded in writing mentioning that though the cam is under warranty still they will charge me .. Then only they agreed to do it without any cost. In the bill they mentioned that they replaced the part (zoom button) which costs 1138.00. Though I was not charged to pay the same as they agreed to cover the same in warranty.

4. Also within less than a month from last repair the zoom button again started working faulty and again I have to go to the service center and demanded a repair. This time denied then and there and said they will not do it unless I pay them 975/-. When I asked the costing details they said that the 975/- is the charge of the zoom button replacement. I stated that in the last bill only they mentioned that the cost is 1138.00/- now how come they are demanding 975/- that too when the cam is still under warranty for another 8 months (almost). They behaved rudely with me .. specially the lady at reception and a senior technical guy used abusive languages and said that I always come here just to get free servicing and I am like a beggar to them... When I said I will lodge a complaint against them at the Consumer Forum suddenly the situation changes and another Guy came and console us and lastly they didn't charge anything...
Now my concerns are:
1. I am afraid that this cam is going to behave faulty again very soon (considering the frequency in past history) then will I be able to have the desired service properly or again I have to go through the same trauma...
2. Nikon being the one of the best Camera manufacturer having only one service center in Kolkata and one authorized service center in Kolkata (Capital Electronics) and no collection center, is a real pain for the huge number of Nikon users.
3. Considering very limited number of service centers in Kolkata the behavior and attitude of the main service center of Kolkata – Address: PS-PLUS Building, 1st Floor, 238A, A.J.C Bose Road, Kolkata 700020 causing real problem in getting the promised service by the Nikon. Why a user will have to convince and argue with the service center people for getting the warranty service when the user is absolutely eligible for that as promised by the manufacturing company Nikon.
4. In maximum cases the service center people are trying to display that all kind of faults (manufacturing/technical any) are because of dust in the cam ad every time they put the user at fault. Being a “little bit” knowledgeable about the cameras (digital/DSLRs etc) my question is - are the cameras being purchased for keeping inside a showcase at user’s house for display??!! I hope not… they are for clicking some moments and in the course of action some dust can go into it… but still after taking all sort of care against dust the service center people will be saying that “ZOOM” button got faulty because of dust !!! Is it possible???!!! if it is true then why they replaced it with new parts for the first time and then again when it gone faulty within a month the same reason stated by the Service center and this time they demanded 975/- for the replace when they mentioned in the last bill that the part cost 1138.00/- that too when I ask them to mention the same in the bill with a note that they are charging though the cam is within warranty period they denied to do so. What kind of mockery is this…???!!!
Please consider this as high priority and provide possible solution.

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