Nikon 3000 Digital cameradouble charge

I purchased this Pricey item $529.95 online for instore pickup for my daughters 18th birthday. It was bought online I printed the receipt and waited for E-mail confirmation. The item was cheaper at Walmart and needed a pricmatch through a pricematch guarentee. The difference was around $75.00 pretty signifigant. They gave me the price match and all was well, I received a new receipt stating the new price, left with my product and all was I thought. 3 days later i go to use my debit card and it won't go through...WHAT!!! go online and check, they didnt do a price reduction, they just rang it again at the new price so I pd over a grand for this item...I had 3 insufficient fund charges. I called and they said I never picked up the first order so they could refund the $529.95 but it would take over a week, and they would pay my fees... they have never pd a dime of my fees and because it took so long I incurred 2 more charges. so thats 5 charges at 33.00 each...I have called and called and e-mailed but no response. I shop there alot. I spend alot of money at Best Buy. I will never go again...RIPOFF!!

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