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Louisville, AL, United States
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Yes we were financed by Nicholas Financial, first of all they knew my husband couldn't afford the payments and they still let him go through with it, and then the vehicle was a piece of crap! the whole time we had the vehicle my mechanic even said it was a piece of crap . then all 3 of my daughters, had to have back surgery we got behind I think two months and then they repo my car on my birthday! on top of that at midnight we couldn't get anything out of the car. He asked them before if we could refinance it they send his information and nobody could help us which is bull crap we complained to them about the car told him car was a bad car and they would not do nothing about it I would never Finance with them ever my husband got ripped off and now they're going to resell the car good luck with that because the car is a piece of crap and now another person's going to get scammed. I will not pay another Penny on this car I will file bankruptcy before I do that.

Jan 20, 2017

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