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I have been looking for the perfect prom dress for my senior prom which is in April. I stumbled across I fell in love with a dress, a long turquoise Jasz Couture dress. #4523. I placed my order on March 13, 2012. The shipping says 5-7 business days, I didn't receive it until yesterday, March 26, 2012. That kind of upset me since I was stressed out and I kept thinking if order was wrong or something was wrong! Yet, after I opened my box.. I fell in love! It was beautiful! The exact dress from the picture. The beading was excellent. It was my exact size, which I was scared of since I've had trouble with fitting into sizes that have my measurements. The only issue I do have is the fact that I placed my height, &i received a dress that was way too long! Now, I'm 5'1 and with 4inch heels, that dress was still too long! It looks like I have a train on the dress. But other than that, I am very pleased. If reading this didn't help anyone, the advice I would give is : be patient. Have faith. &Cross your fingers that your dress comes out right. I feel that the more you bother a company the higher risk you get of getting your dress all sloppy. But that's just my thought on it. I can not stress this enough, BUY YOUR DRESS A. MONTH BEFORE YOUR EVENT! Well I hope I helped someone with this review.


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