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I spent close to $2, 000 with your company to build a system for a client...
Never worked...many errors. After much troubleshooting, determined it was a bad
stick of RAM (computer memory). Three of the contacts were damaged.
I opened an RMA and specifically mentioned the damage to the rep on the phone.
Was told it would be no problem. I sent back the memory and they denied the RMA. I was informed that
they do not accept damaged RAM...It arrived damaged!! They are sending me back the damaged items and have told me to take it up with the manufacturer.
I've been working in IT for 20 years and have built many systems so I am no amateur. I am a qualified IT professional and I have numerous certifications. Obviously, I take every precaution when dealing with sensitive computer
components so it was NOT damaged by me.
I ended up purchasing more memory in the meantime to make client happy but now
I'm out $ because NewEgg will not honor the sale they made to me.
I am not a bad person and I am not running some type of scam to get something
for nothing. I am an honest customer who feels like I am in a definite catch-22
situation. The memory that I received from this company was damaged (defective)
and I would just like to get it replaced.
I called their customer service and got the run around. I was told by the rep who I spoke with that the RMA rep denied that I had disclosed the damage to her. I spoke with a supervisor and got nowhere. After I told the supervisor that I would never use purchase anything ever again from NewEgg, I was offered a $20 gift card for use towards my next purchase (??). Did she even listen to me?
I wish I would have checked out this site before I ever darkened the doors of Definitely seems like shady dealings. Isn't the purpose of an RMA to replace damaged items?
I've posted negative tweets and commented on their facebook page. I got a reply asking for more info but haven't heard anything back.
In the meantime, I've lodged complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.
I would not recommend this company to my enemies let alone friends.

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  • La
      8th of May, 2012

    Thank you for your response.
    You are not the only one who has had an opinion on HOW the memory was damaged.
    My issue is not that I received damaged memory or how it was damaged. Being a qualified IT professional, I understand that these things happen.
    My issue is the time and hassle that I am experiencing from NewEgg as I specifically informed the representative of the damage when opening the RMA and was still told to return the product to NewEgg, apparently against their own policy. Once they received it, they then deny it. I was forthcoming with the damage in the beginning and had the initial rep informed me that there would be an issue, I would have gone the manufacturer RMA route and would probably have a replacement by now.
    It is nearing 2 weeks since the initial call and I still do not have either new nor defective RAM in my hands.
    You can understand my frustration, I'm sure. Thanks again for your comment, though. It is nice to hear others' opinions of my predicament.

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  • La
      9th of May, 2012

    UPDATE: After posting on's facebook page, I was contacted by a representative from the company. His title is Public Image Professional.
    I wrote an email to him explaining my predicament in greater detail. He stated that he reviewed the account and "it was notated that the item was already defective when you received it". He decided to make an exception to their policy in my case and they approved the RMA. Replacement product has been ordered and is on the way.
    I am satisfied with the outcome but still unsatisfied with their policy of automatically denying any claim of damage on RMA's.
    As I've been told, this is the policy of many of the online retailers. I think I'll just stick to brick and mortar vendors, like Fry's Electronics (who have their own set of issues, I know)... but at least you can inspect the product somewhat before you get to the checkstand.
    Thanks again for the feedback.

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