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New York Life Insurance Company / rep's unformed about own policy and procedures

1 CA, United States

New York Life Not Reliable
to Give Correct Advice regarding Life Insurance and Death Benefit Process

I know nothing about insurance death or dying and ask customer service specialist or company agents for advice guiding me through the process of helping me help my Grandma prepare for death. I have a lot to juggle since I chose to be my grandma's power of attorney as in home care assistant. My Grandma died peacefully and comfortably in my home Sept 20 2010 2:16 am. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Rose Room Hospice I was able to get all of Grandma's end of life paperwork and made the necessary arrangements to have new York life pay for her funeral costs so I could feel comfortable that when the time came that I wouldn’t have any problem or hassles’ with grammas burial. I was instructed to call New York life and make sure my everything was in order and to let them know that grandma's death benefit would be utilized to pay for her funeral cost. Again, I will state that I do not know anything about the process of arranging life insurance to pay for funeral cost and so I asked the funeral home what they would need as well as ask New York Life respective what I would need to do to make sure that my Grandma's Policy would go to the funeral home that I request. I stated that the I had already chose a funeral home and they said they would need a copy of the policy which one be sent to me since I did not have a copy of one. I ask if all information was correct and show me as someone who could assign my grandmothers policy. The representative stated that she would be a send me a copy of something as well as a form the funeral home could utilize in order to bill them for the service rendered. I ask they need to send that directly to the funeral home because they were already aware that I was using my Grandma's NY life insurance Policy for their service. I stated I wanted to make sure everything was done now so i wouldn’t have the additional stresses of billing placing and paperwork when my Grandma passed away. I was assured that she was sending me what I needed to give the funeral home and it was unnecessary for her to send anything to them specifically at this time. I also asked if there was anything else I need to do to insure this process went smoothly. I was assured I was properly documented to destitute my grandmas benefits.

My Grandma died yesterday and they funeral home came prominently as arranged I was told that I would complete the paperwork for death cert ect when I came to the funeral home and that it was customary to give me a day to two to morn before I had to finalize my Grandma's Death.
I was able to cope with the loss of my Grandma the phone calls to relatives and felt secure in the fact I prearrange all of grandma's end of life needs.

Until I was told by the funeral home that New York Life did not recognized them as a designated payee of her policy or myself as authorized individual to direct my grandmas end of life benefits’. I have no other money. I relied upon new York to pay them the amount of what the costs were when Grandma's Death occurred. I am now suck speaking to new York life representatives who's goal is to try and tell me how i did not request to be a beneficiary and even and they had no record that the funeral home i choose was a beneficiary. I said state there must be some mistake. I called I made sure I had everything in place prior to her death. That stated the forms I should have signed the changes I should have made were not on file. I was confused I was sure that I had asked that very question to the last agent I spoke to. I gave her all the information I had and change the mailing addresses. I told her I need to make sure everything was correct because I did not have an copy of the policy, I was assured they had my power of attorney on file and that all my request were taken care of.

Apparently when new York life assures you that your policies will be paid you better make sure you get an immediate written confirmation from them stating that they promise that they really do have all the forms and all the paperwork properly fill out filed as per the conversation or you are out of luck.

I don’t have the money to even my Grandma and I have one day to figure out how I am able to pay or I start getting fined storage charges for grandma's body until new York life decides who is the living beneficiary of the policy.


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