New York Life Insurance Company / Do not give them any of your time or money

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NY life is a very dishonest company. Do not give them any of your time or money. I have had nothing but problems with them. from the local agents to the headquarters, no one within the company will reveal any info, any direct questions, or put you in touch when any form of real authority to resolve any kind of issue. they miscategorized my rating, took 3 monthes to recognize it, renigged on the re evaluation and charged me the whole time. they wont refund dime one of my money "because I was insured the whole time". I get official NYLife letters with NO DATE, NO POSTMARK and NO SPECIFIC INFO - and I mean NONE. any phone number they put it takes days to get someone to answer it and then everything has to go through the head office underwriting of which you cannot contact diretly. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM... NOTHING its up to the state commissionor now. advise to anyone that is going to complain to NYLife, get a phone recorder and log everything every day. you wont beleive what these guys will put you through. they mentally wear you out by switching supervisors and making you retell the story because "they havent heard that yet".


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