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Green Tree Mall, Clarksville, IN, United States Review updated:

September 21, 2010

New York & Company
450 West 33rd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Good Day,

What follows is my fifth attempt at a satisfactory resolution to a problem that I have already invested a great deal of my time in attempting to resolve. I began with an email, utilizing your company website for complaints. Once I finished typing my email, I received a response of how important my comments were and that I could count on a response within forty-eight hours. Three days later, having heard nothing, I sent a second email with the header ******SECOND REQUEST******* and a reprint of my original email. Once again, I received the same response promising a response within forty-eight hours. I also attempted to contact the phone number listed on the website, but after a more than ample wait, gave up. My third attempt was yesterday, when I again called the phone number on your website and put it on speaker, so I could accomplish some looming paperwork, as I waited. After ninety plus minutes, I called the phone number from your website using my cell phone, and chose the option to speak with someone as ‘IF’ I were placing an order. I was then connected with someone in less than fifteen seconds! She was most helpful in informing me that the complaint phone number I was calling was manned by just two people, and then proceeded to give me a different email address than the one I’d previously used twice before. She also gave me this physical address in case I wanted to send you my concerns in writing. Short of booking a flight to New York, this is the best I’m able to do and I only hope someone will see fit to address what I believe to be two very valid concerns. Below is yet another reprint of my original email, with the addition of the receipt information at the bottom.


On Monday, September 6, 2010 I had occasion to visit your retail store located in the Green Tree Mall in Clarksville, IN, and had a truly unpleasant experience. I had recently used the coupon for “Spend $50.00 and Get $20.00 Off” and needed to exchange a top I'd selected from the store. I don't normally try on clothes in stores and prefer to try them on at home. Occasionally, this causes me to have to return or exchange an item, and this was the reason for my visit to your store that day.
I explained that though the top was cute on the hanger, on me, it was horrific and I needed to exchange it. I was then informed that I'd lose the value of the coupon, in this case about $6.00.

Also, she said only IF I exchanged it for the exact same top could I maintain the value of the coupon. Again the top looked horrible on me, so the same top in another color would not be a viable option.
Even though I found another top on the same rack as this one came from, and at the exact same price as this top, she would not budge. In the end, I lost the approximate $6.00 along with quite a bit of my store loyalty and respect as well. At one point she said she couldn't do anything because she didn't have the coupon. However when I told her I did have it, she proceeded to insist there was still nothing she could do.
I've been a loyal New York & Company customer for a long time, but the future looks bleak. This is an excellent example of your winning the battle, but losing the war, and a very poor business model in my opinion. Even though I explained to the sales lady that I was not upset with her the person, just upset at these arbitrary rules that appeared most unfair, she was quite cold, indifferent and displayed zero empathy for my situation. This did not serve to make my experience any less painful.
l decided to go ahead and at least take advantage of the other coupon I had, and this time I purchased $100.00+ in order to receive the $50.00 discount. Part of this order consisted of four pieces of jewelry, two at $16.95 each and two at 10.95 each. I was trying to take advantage of the buy one get one 50% off. This time she said she would have to charge me for BOTH the $16.95 pieces and then give me the half price on the two $10.95 items. Again, I found this most unfair, so my only recourse was to put both lower priced items back, which then forced her to give me the half off on one of the $16.95 pieces that I wanted. Of course the sale was lost on the other two lower priced items and again battle won, war lost. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I ask you, is this any way to treat customers? Additionally, it did not go unnoticed by me that though I heard her ask every other customer if they'd like a reminder phone call about their New York and Co. City Cash, she made no mention to me of the offer, nor did she ask me if I wanted my receipt in the bag or in my purse, yet she asked everyone else.
I await an explanation that is both reasonable and fair. So far I’ve heard neither.

Thank you,

Jennifer Krausse`

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  • Fo
      Sep 27, 2010

    I have a similar complaint to the previous poster. On Saturday, September 25, 2010 I went to the retail store located in the Queens Center Mall in Queens (Elmhurst), NY. I purchased 2 pairs of pants, one brown and the other black. The store didn't have my size for the actual style of the black pants that I wanted, so I decided to purchase a different style that I figured I could live with if I didn't find the actual style that I preferred in another location. I used a coupon "spend $75 and get $30 off." On Sunday September 26, 2010, I decided to go to the Austin Street location in Queens (Forest Hills), NY and was able to find the initial style of the black pants I wanted. To my dismay, I was told that I could exchange the pants but the coupon that was applied the day before would not be applied because the pants were a different style. The value of the coupon was $15. $15 is really not that much in the grand scheme of things. I just find this policy stupid.
    I was going to keep the first pair of black pants I purchased, if I didn't find the actual style I really wanted. But basically if I knew of this policy, I would just not have made the purchase that day if I knew I didn't have the choice to exchange it (with the coupon still being applied) if I was able to find the style I wanted.
    I've been a loyal New York & Company customer for a long time, all my work pants are from the store, but this policy just rubs me the wrong way. It seems like a very petty thing for the store to implement and an easy way to piss off customers. Like the previous poster said, this is indeed an excellent example of your winning the battle, but losing the war, and a very poor business model in my opinion. I called the number on the website to complian and was told the same thing by two women. It's time I move along to other stores (Banana Republc and Ann Taylor Loft) that now offer "tall/long" pants for women anyway. I was just so used to shopping at New York & Company.

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  • Iw
      Nov 29, 2010

    I just want to let you know as an employee of NYCO that buy one get one anything deals automatically ring in the register the way you would prefer them to. That is, if I scan two pieces of 16.95 jewelry and two pieces of 10.95 jewelry, it will automatically give you one 16.95 and one 10.95 half off. It's virtually impossible for an associate to override this. So either that associate didn't know what she was talking about or she was just being rude.

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  • Mc
      Jun 09, 2011

    Lexington Avenue NYC location is a complete mess. I purchased a shirt and the sku from an item of many items that were just laying around the register was zapped instead of the shirt sku. I Didn't find out until I went to exchange the shirt for a different size. Because of this mess I couldn't simply do an even exchange at the locations closest to my home. I had to go back to where this mess happen just to be rudely assisted by their incompetent Mgr who had no clue what she should do. She asked a lower leveled cashier who stated she should know, this went on for about 10 minutes. She also stated she would reimburse me for the travel, I even have our phone conversation recorded. She said she never stated this to me or to the other NY+C0 location Mgr she spopke to. Then the big LIAR had the audacity to dicuss what took place with my transaction in front of the other customers on the line as I chose to simply walk away and not to argue with her about her dishonesty of not reimbursing the travel money. This was very unprofessional of her. I would recommend all to stay clear of this location because of this careless mistake, unprofessional staff and the time consumed fixing the mistakes. Just clean up your counters and register areas!!! We want the correct sku numbers showing on our receipts when we pay for merchandise.

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  • Bi
      May 24, 2016

    New York & Company, Southlake Mall Morrow, GA 30260. I visited the store Monday, May 23, 20016 at approximately 4:28 p.m . I purchased a total of (4) items with one being ordered for me by the cashier Assistant Manager/Manager Angela Tucker. During my simple transaction I asked her if I could use my coupon I printed from my email earlier that morning and Angela Tucker stated "You have All New York Deals the coupon will not work on New York deal". I asked her if she would check for me again and that I was sure it would because I purchased one of the pleated jean cami for $44.95 the coupon was $15.00 off $30.00 and she responded " I WORK here I should Know. Also included in my purchase is a pair blue jean shorts with stars. Angela stated was $25.00 but actually rung up $17.95 she also stated "these shorts are cute you can wear these???? I stated yes she said "ooooooooh, STANK"!!! I replied no I have small legs. Just totally unprofessional especially as a manager/assistant manager. regardless of this young lady position, you should always maintain PROFESSIONALISM with working and serving the public. NEW YORK and COMPANY we are your CUSTOMERS are WE are the REASON the employees receive a PAYCHECK.. Even for those of us you think you know because we shop regularly in your store, please treat us with respect and professionally. If we are your sisters, grand mothers to your aunts please maintain your professionalism.. Note, I returned to the store moments later with a return and stopped another employee showed to her my coupon, she stated after viewing my receipt, the top I order was not a New York Deal. I continued to the register, politely requested a return to Angela Tucker and asked her to please check the cami I ordered because it was not a New York Deal. Angela ran the coupon and return to my card $43.20 including the return. But also stapled two out dated ten Dollars cash cards to my receipts. I asked her why do customers have to go through so much for there well earned discount/coupon and again her response was "well everybody makes mistakes. Never an apology or NOTHING. I did report this problem to the store manager and is hoping the store District Manager Robin pay close attention to Angela Tucker's attitude toward New York and Company's CUSTOMERS. All I can say is BEWARE when you visit the Southlake Store in Morrow, GA.

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