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Recently this company has implemented a refund cap on their "product" regardless of how much of it is actually bad. After hitting my cap, because they average 60% bullsh**, I was locked out of returning leads and was sent a string of leads that were "I just want to win (Vic Secret, Starbucks) gift card" and they repeatedly refused to return my $70 that they were over charging me. For the consumer, it gives agents a bad name, for the agent, this company steals from the agents they are here to "serve". STAY AWAY

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  • Al
      Jul 12, 2011

    the same exact thing has happened to me...the last 2 months of leads from net quote have averaged over 55% bad leads...and that is 55% of the ones i could reach within their 10-day time limit...i don't think its an exaggeration to say that 75% of their leads are bogus with numerous disconnected numbers, phone numbers that don't belong to the prospects listed, a huge percentage of people who state they never went online to make this inquiry...people who were even deceased for several years...and the other 25% so-called "good" leads are being called by upwards of 15 agents and those people are not happy about that as well...i agree with the orignal post...STAY AWAY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE RIPPED-OFF!

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  • Sh
      Mar 26, 2013

    Ditto on that nd i got locked out in february where i had 10 leads and submitted for credit on 2 of them. then they where almost volunteering to cancel my zip codes .. my guess is so they can sell the same crappy leads they have been reguritating to me for the past 4 years. many times they person has state they had that car 3 years ago but have a new car now. And when i brought that up they said they have no control if people ener wrong info. My thoughs are she knew 5 minutes a go what kid of car she drives, she was able to tell me. i think there sales reps actually enter old leads through the system as new again.

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