Netgearrouter dg834n

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This is my letter to their Chief Executive:

Dear Sir

Formal Complaint in Respect of Netgear DG 834N and the Complaint Handling Procedure

I am writing to formally complain about the quality and reliability of the above equipment and how the complaint was handled by Amel your Customer Service Manager for the EMEA Region of your company.

I purchased this equipment in January 2017 from a Computer Fair in Birmingham and some 4 months later I started to have problems with it inasmuch that it would not restart if the power was interrupted. In order to establish communication with your Support Desk I had to purchase a Belkin Router which luckily I have retained because the Netgear Router failed on a number of other occasions. Your Support Desk have now confirmed that there is a “hardware problem” and I communicated this to you shortly before Christmas.

Since sending the communication for your attention I have received a reply from Amel your Customer Service Manager for the EMEA Region who has been less than helpful and has now stated that he is copying the correspondence to your Legal Department. This has happened following some research that I did that indicated that many other customers had experienced the same problem and one had been informed that there was a problem with this model.

I find it difficult to understand why a company with your reputation would market equipment with this type of problem and not be willing to do something about it, even if it was out of warranty, and I find it even more astonishing that your Customer Service Manager has acted in such an unprofessional manner. If you wish to go down the legal route I would be more than willing to meet you in the Small Claims Court and for the evidence to be considered there but I wanted to be sure that this was the course of action your company would wish to take.

I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency.

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  • Er
      Jan 08, 2010
    Netgear - no repair for the units outside of the country
    United States

    I bought a wireless modem from Netgear as a gift for my brother, who lives outside the country. I bring it to him at my first visit, and it was simply not working out of the box. Requested help from local Netgear support partner, and they tell that they are not authorized to repair a unit that is bought outside the country. I contacted Netgear support, and they simply don't understand what I wanted, no matter how many times I tried to explain that I am not asking for a replacement or refund, but a repair. They simply seem to have a policy preventing a unit that cannot be even repaired out of the country of original purchase. Now we need to bring this unit back with additional cost of shipment, since I will not be coming back soon.

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  • Rr
      Apr 03, 2010
    Netgear Wireless G Router - techs were poorly trained on the product and how it works

    S/N: *1UM8957E012BA*
    MAC: 0024B27DFB3C

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  • Ru
      Apr 14, 2010
    Netgear - techs were poorly trained on the product and how it works
    United States

    Bought an Air Card USb G-Router from Best Buy. PAckage contained a disc to upgrade drivers for Verizon's new UM175 Air Card. Disc did not work. Customer service was a night mare. Talked to India, I think. Strong accents and could not understand each other. Techs were also poorly trained on the product and how it works. DONT BUY NETGEAR !!!

    BUY CRADLEPOINT. IT worked without a hhitch.

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  • Lo
      Oct 19, 2010
    Netgear - refuse to stand behind product
    United States

    I bought a netgear WGR614 about 9 months ago it worked great for awhile then started lagging real bad online i called but they wanted $30 more dollars to take care of the issue for that price i could buy another...i would suggest to any 1 to buy some different router unless you want to pay them to stand behind their product...for now i can only use 1 pc a a time and kids go with out until i find a product that the supplier will stand behind...i am tired of company putting out a product that they will not stand behind because they know it is worthless.

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