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Natures Flavors / Fraud and cheating

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I placed an order with nature's flavors on the web in august of 2008. I never received a confirmation from them that they received the order so a week later i placed the order again from memory (Slightly different as i couldn't remember exactly what i tried to order the first time) . That time i received a confirmation by email. $160 worth of merchandise. It arrived 3 weeks later. . . Slow, slow, and slowest. Opened the box and proceeded to smell the flavors, only half of which actually resembled the flavor they were supposed to represent. The others were off totally. That would have been the end of it, but 2 weeks later another box arrives on my doorstep. Of all bizarre things that was the first order arriving that i received no confirmation of. When i called to complain that i needed to return this box because of their computer's mistake, i was treated quite rudely and told i would need to send it back (Costing me more money) and that there was a 25% restocking fee. A restocking fee for their mistake i might add. I tried to reason with the company to no avail. I then proceeded to file a dispute with my credit card company, who promptly flung it back at me to resolve the dispute with the company, who was not willing to resolve it. In the end i had to ship the box back, costing me $18, then with the 25% restocking fee it cost me another $52, total cost of $70 for nothing. $160 for order i received and kept (Really bad flavors so i shouldn't have kept it, but didn't want to be out another $70 for nothing, although i really am as i can't stand drinking them) .

Total crap company. Misleading advertising on flavors that are obviously wrong. Creeping service with 3 - 5 weeks wait to even receive merchandise that isn't worth getting in the end. Customer service, sorry, what customer service? One woman answers the phone and there doesn't appear to be anyone else you can talk to. I suspect this is a family operation that needs to be closed permanently. Beware to others, it's an expensive lesson but i will never order from that horrible company again.

Don't order from nature's flavors!

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  • Ka
      7th of Mar, 2009
    +10 Votes

    I too ordered from Nature's Flavors. I was told my credit card was declined (which it should not have because the money was there in my account). REally wanting the product I gave them a different credit card. I hope that was not a mistake. I looked after two weeks of not even hearing that the order was confirmed. And it was not. I wrote them an email and it took a week for them to answer. At that point they said that they do not have the ingredients for one or more of my products that I ordered. I am thinking this is a small company that does not order the ingredients to make the product until they receive an order. Probably a money issue on their part from what I can see. I didn't order this to get it three or four weeks down the line. Nothing on the website said that when I ordered, however now that have a blurb about being patient with orders that they take time etc. My first order with them was fine. I got most of it within two weeks. One things is still backordered six weeks later. So I guess with this order since the still do not have the ingredients yet, per their email as of yesterday it will be at least another two weeks more. I am done with them. I will find another business out there that can complete my order expediently.

  • La
      17th of Mar, 2009
    +6 Votes
    Natures -ACAI - Fraudulent charges
    United States

    I ordered the trial sample for $4.99 they charged my account for the product, then charged me full price for the product and then charged me again.

  • Di
      25th of Mar, 2009
    +11 Votes

    i really wish i could have read this before i ordered my oils! i ordered from natures flavors over a month ago and my order still hasnt been shipped. all i ordered was two 2oz bottles of flavor oils. which by the way cost around 20 bucks and plus the fed ex handling costs 10 extra bucks. so now im paying like 30 bucks for 4oz of oils.

    i sent order requests twice and both times it was "waiting on items". i sent emails to customer service and they still havent responded. so i finally called yesterday and the woman told me it will be shipped today or tommorow. well, hasnt been shipped yet. so i call again today and another woman picked up, she says her staff is on break so she couldnt check my orders status and she would call me back. and what do you know she never called me back. so i call the b*** back and i let her know i was a little irritated after she told me the same thing. the order should be shipped today or tommorow. and while she is responding to me, shes laughing! what kind of business is this? all this crap for 4 oz of oil?????

    slow shipping, terrible customer service and no regard for customer satisfaction or proffessionalism. i agree this business should be closed down completely. i dont want anyone else wasting their money or time on these people. DONT BUY FROM NATURESFLAVORS.COM!!!

  • Da
      31st of Jul, 2009
    +11 Votes

    How about their shipping cost? $31 to ship $25 worth of cotton candy base that weighs 5 pounds. There shipping took over a month and their customer service is atrociousness. I am going to right a letter to the California attorney general and I woudl encourage everyone else to also.

  • Tq
      16th of Aug, 2009
    -5 Votes

    I ordered about forty dollars worth of stuff last week. It came promptly and was packed perfectly well. I have no idea why you have had such bad results but I like them.

  • Fl
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +11 Votes

    I didn't have problems with slow shipping that I can remember, but I did place a large order of flavor oils from them. They have the longest list of flavors I could find, so I couldn't stop adding to my cart. The very first batch of lip balm I made with their product (happened to be lychee) burned my tongue when tested. I used the product at 1/3 the recommended concentration. When questioned, they insisted that the mistake was mine, and expected me to send the flavor oil and balm to them for testing. On my dime. Of course I had thrown them all away and couldn't comply if I wanted to, but is it just me that sees a problem here? I mean when spinach distributors are told about an e. coli outbreak, do they ask for the salad in question and keep on selling the contaminated greens? Uh, no.

  • Ne
      9th of Sep, 2009
    +11 Votes

    I am disappointed reading these reviews. I was so excited to find so many nature flavor oils but I'm glad I read this before I placed my order. Does anyone have a suggestion for flavor oils that they've tested?

  • Ot
      21st of Sep, 2009
    +13 Votes

    I tried to order from Nature's Flavor but for 3 weeks nobody could get an answer about the status of my order.After I got frustrated with this they just canceled my order and SAID THAT THEY HAVE RIGHTS TO DO SO. Nobody tried to save the sale. I don't know about the quality of the products since I never had it but service is horrible

  • Tr
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    +12 Votes

    I have been thinking about ordering from this company for a while. Today was going to be my day to try them out. I am soooo sooo soooo glad I read this and searched for reviews. One thing I know (and from my own bad experience) is when things are too good too be true they prob are. Look at the prices, 1 oz of organic flavor oil for $12, then 2 oz for $13. I am not saying it can't be true but it is kinda odd. And organic flavor fruit oils are extremely hard to find for such small orders. I did not hear anything about the quality of the products, but as a person that cares about their customers I would have to do some reason independent research on their goods before I package them and sell them to people. Good luck!

  • Ma
      11th of Feb, 2010
    -9 Votes

    I don't know what happened with the first persons order, but I've talked with at least 3 different people, all of whom were very friendly and helpful. I've been using their Flavor oils to make lip balms. I do agree their quoted processing time of 14 business days seems a little much, but i usually get stuff in about half that time. I think they're just trying to cover their ###. anyway I'm the type of person to try something once and if they suck don't try em again, but overall I've been pretty happy with them.
    PS ask them to do USPS sometimes its cheaper than what they quote for shipping!

  • La
      9th of Mar, 2010
    Best Best Advice +13 Votes seems like they are following a pattern.
    1) They give you a disclaimer that you won't get all the flavors you want only AFTER you make the payment.
    2) Their overpriced shipping/handling fee is ridiculous because shipping is indeed super late. My orders from overseas arrive 3 weeks quicker.
    3) When I opened the box anticipating good flavors, I got 3 flavors I didn't order. I ordered flavored stevia syrups (no sugar), and I got sugar loaded (14g sugar per serving) syrups that added more sweet (sugar) to my protein shakes than flavor.

    I should have read this before making the order. I hope we can give them an F rating at BBB.

  • Ke
      22nd of Mar, 2010
    +11 Votes

    I have not had an issue with shipping, but my issue is with flavor. The flavors advertised are not the flavors I had received.

    I wanted to get peach flavoring for my iced tea and so I decided to buy Organic Peach Concentrate. When it arrived I tasted it, and it tasted like sour gum. So, I complained, and they said that I was using too much of the concentrate. Fair. So, I reduced it greatly and it tasted like nothing. Either sour gum or nothing.

    Perhaps I purchased the wrong product; I asked them for their recommendations and they suggested Peach Flavored Syrup. I bought it and when I finally got the chance to taste it it tasted like thick citrus.

    These flavors are not the flavors I paid for. I don't recommend this product. I think I would be more successful in getting the peach flavoring I want by making my own flavored syrup.

  • Si
      26th of Mar, 2010
    +10 Votes

    Worst business experience ever! I gave them multiple chances and ordered from them multiple times in the last few years. I have the five orders I have placed been able to place an order and actually receive the entire order. Every single time I get an email, two or three weeks AFTER they have taken my money, telling me that an item (or multiple items) are not available and that it will be weeks longer before I can get my products. Requests for partial shipments on the company's dime are excused away as not possible.

    I am a business owner and rely on business ethics to stay in business. I can't for the life of my figure out how Nature's Flavors stays in business. Unbelievable. Today is the last straw. I received an email for an order I placed on the 9th telling me that an item is not available and would not be for another week to 10 days. And it's the MAIN item I needed!

    Done. Be warned. Do not waste your time. I have given them every chance in the world, and I always get the same BS story. It's textbook with each order. Every single order.

  • Ba
      6th of May, 2010
    +11 Votes

    Boy I wish I saw this before I ordered the Spring Water Flavor Bottles. I just got my order (finally) and they taste disgusting. They come in a glass bottle with no dropper so it is very hard to gague how much flavoring you put into your water. Also, on the bottle (and I don't remember seeing this on the website) it says that the product should be refrigerated!! Not very convenient.
    All in all I wish I gave my $38.00 to charity. Live and learn.

  • Be
      7th of May, 2010
    +12 Votes

    I too soooo wish I had read these reviews before I placed my order. I was in a rush, cramped for time and thought they had what I needed to fulfill an order on my end. I even paid $25 for their same day processing/shipping and then another $39 or so for 2nd day air.

    Here's how it went:
    Monday I thought I found what I wanted on their site. Checked their shipping etc policies and it said it would take 14+ days for me to get the products but, if I paid the extra fee, they'd ship the way I needed. I tried calling 3 times to double check before ordering, during their posted business hours, and no one ever answered. Their voice mail box was full. I tried emailing and got no response.

    Tuesday I called and got some super dippy chick on the phone who said she "thought" it all went to shipping already, didn't I get a confirmation email? No, I never got a confirmation email, not even in my spam box. Turns out she confused my order with something else but then said, yes it went to shipping.

    Yesterday, Thursday, the stuff shows up on time, amazingly enough. The driver hands it to me and I'm wondering why on earth am I able to smell a natural fruit powder so clearly through the box even? I open it all up and oh my goodness, the scent of this stuff is so overpowering. I open both and start coughing. Not a single one of the natural fruit powders I use make me cough. The smell is horrific, very chemical-like. To see what the heck this freak show crap is, I taste it and it's so wrong. If it's natural, it shouldn't smell like this and why is it white? Real blueberries are blue. Even vanilla extract smells and tastes just like the actual vanilla pod. What is this crazy stuff they sent?! This "natural" fruit powder of theirs is the scariest product I have encountered in a long time, and believe me, I'm around scary products. It was the total opposite of what I thought I was ordering.

    I call to express my dissatisfaction and the dopey kid who answers the phone says there are no returns. He says, well, use less. Even so, even if I did use it which I won't, the bottle says 1 tsp. The product container states one thing and when you call, they tell you another thing. Why the discrepancy?

    He proceeded to tell me where their return policy is on their site -- way way way at the bottom in tiny tiny print. I explain to him that I am dissatisfied with the product as a whole, there's no way I can use it, and want to return it anyway. He gets all stoner confused, talks to a manager then eventually puts me through to her.

    She explains to me that because I opened it I can't return it and they "made the order special for" me. Huh? I said it doesn't say anything like that on your return policy. Isn't it counter-intuitive to think that people won't open the product? Then she says it's some FDA thing about food products that can't be returned. I said, well, I can go to my local grocery store, buy some food, cook it, taste it, find I'm dissatisfied and they will take it back. Because they are concerned about customer satisfaction.

    At this point with her, I say look, I don't even want a credit -- I just want to exchange it for what I thought it was going to be and she wouldn't do it. How hard is that?! I wasn't even asking to be credited the shipping charge or the same day fee. We went around and around for a good half hour before I hung up on her. I'm returning the stuff to them anyway, with a lovely letter to go along with it. I don't want this scary product in my house, which stinks to high heaven by the way, even with the bottles sealed in several plastic bags. (Again, what is this stuff?!)

    Their products are frightening, their customer service is a total joke, their policies are idiotic and anti-customer. I will be sure to tell everyone to never order from them. DO NOT ORDER FROM NATURE'S FLAVORS!!

  • Sh
      9th of May, 2010
    +9 Votes

    I'm glad I saw this info on Nature's Flavors today; I was just going to place an order. Kat James recommends them in her book for some products, but perhaps she gets better customer service because she's endorsing them. Good to know I've saved my money and will find another company to order from.

  • Bu
      21st of May, 2010
    +10 Votes

    Thanks for these reviews. Definitely not ordering from them -- was already hesitant because shipping is exorbitant!

  • Di
      12th of Jun, 2010
    +11 Votes

    I find it somehow comforting now that I am not the only person who is had less than favorable experiences with the company. My story goes something like this:
    I was looking for garlic essential oil, and they had two of them listed. When I inquired about the price difference ( on the phone) the "customer service" girl put me on hold, and came back about three minutes later to tell me that the owner had said the price was too low for one of them, and instantly, the price jumped about seven dollars.
    Thinking it a bit rude, but shrugged it off, I placed another order about two weeks later, this time ordering what was said to be cilantro. The description said that it was great in salsa, so, of course I thought it was truly cilantro. When I received the order, sure enough... coriander seed. When I spoke to the customer service person, they argued with me that at the bottom it's in coriander seed. Now I have coriander oil.
    I would highly recommend that anyone stay away from this company. I don't like to say that, but in this case I must.

  • Ma
      12th of Nov, 2010
    +8 Votes

    where is there a reputable company for powder food coloring can someone tell me

  • Th
      5th of Jan, 2011
    +12 Votes

    Nature's Flavors does not only offer bad customer service, but also unsatisfactory food products, high shipping costs (from which they charge $10-20 more than shipping should be quoted), and long wait times for products. I think the FDA needs to look into the company. They have products in their warehouse that are 3-4 years old and should not be sold, as the products have spoiled, but new labels are being placed on these old products. Also, employees are treated poorly by the owner of the company, as with most companies get the most out of an employee and pay them the lowest wage possible. No wonder the business is small with dissatisfied employees and customers. I think this company will tank within the next few years. I hope sooner. Do not waste your time trying their products, you'll only be disappointed, if not sick by old product. I've used many of their products, even the fresh products don't last that long. I bought pomegranate syrup that went moldy after 3 days. I've also purchased Flavor Oils which lost their sent and taste after 4-5 days. And the bottles all say that the products last 1-2 years. Hope this helps answer any concerns you might have about this company. Also, there are 3 companies owned by this same owner: Nature's Flavors, Seelect, Inc. and Newport Flavours & Fragrances. I would stay away from all of them.

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