Nationstar Mortgage / gave me no opportunity to modify with $80,000 liquid equity

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Tried to modify for over a year.They supposedly gave me a # to a specialist in foreclosure
I got a hold of him once in a year. And I hate to say it he belonged at McDonalds, No compassion no knowledge with rap music in the back round. I left him over a hundred messages not one call back.So I heard a different story EVERY time I called.Different payoffs different stories and probably spent $100.00 to fax paper work ( my computer was shot) During all of this I was so stressed I couldn't sleep for thirteen days, ambien didn't work Valium didn't work.My doctor said I had gotten some brain damage, Now I have to take Xanax every day.he also said I had post traumatic stress and an anxiety, depression social disorder.There wasn't 1 compassionate or helpful person.They were like robots and I was more knowledgeable than any one there one tried to argue about how much equity I had.So I filed bankruptcy the same day as the auction before my house was sold for $30, 000 less than market all going through a modification. Two days after the auction and my house was sold they sent paper work saying they got foreclosure paper work and would leave me alone.Not even knowing they sold my house. Greed is an American disease.

Nationstar Mortgage

Apr 15, 2014
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  • Ti
      18th of Apr, 2014

    NationStar Mortgage purchase the servicing rights to your mortgage debt at a deep discount. Therefore they operate like a giant collection agency. Since they earn a massive profit foreclosing on properties instead of modifying mortgage loans, they play a had ball game of collections. However, If you strip down the validity of the debt and challenge the debt per the FDCPA you will have a great chance of success v. NationStar. Recently, some of our clients have escalated there cases to litigation and have found an even greater level of success. You must be able to build an incredible amount of leverage v. NationStar to force into cooperation. They are not going to cooperate voluntarily. I have worked on thousands of cases v. NationStar and know exactly how they operate. Feel free to call my office at 877.297.7011 for more information.

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