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Nationstar Mortgage / 18 months of living hell

1 United States

Shaking my head, where to begin?August 2011. My wonderful mortgage company of 7 years informed me that nation star bought my loan from them. Refinanced twice over the years, professional and competent, friendly service at all times. I never received anything from nation star, how and to whom do I send my august mortgage payment?This initial seemingly insignificant misstep can now be seen as a very prophetic, big red flag. My first call to ns (Nation star will be ns from here) was comical. Me:"i'm sorry, I haven't received anything from you with an account number, any information or anything". Telling the csr (Customer service rep from here) that my prior mortgage company was the only reason I knew they owned my loan as of 8/16/11. Csr response:"i know, we're very sorry. You're not the only one so we're waiving any interest and late fees for a few months". Ok, will I be receiving something like a welcome letter? I really don't want to send over two thousand dollars to an unknown entity. A few weeks later I did receive a payment envelope. This spoke volumes. A mortgage company that can't mail a group mailing?I immediately started the process to remodify my loan as encouraged to by my prior mc.

The 18 months that followed this seemingly simple request have been the worst of my life. Things have transpired with ns that would make obama's eyebrows raise, anger rage and eye twitch. I won't bore you with the details, let's just say that I decided to sell my home of 16 years because ns has purposely sabotaged, traumatized and made remodifying absolutely impossible. I was trusting and patient to a fault. Never imagined the level of slithery, gross unprofessionalism that was possible by a company that has the privelage of owning our homes. I never asked for the many months of abusive, belittling language from csr's, them "losing"packets of usps confirmed mail, "never receiving" multiple faxes and not following through with several promises to "see your remodification through" to being finalized. I have had panic and anxiety attacks, the sheriff serving papers on the one day I asked for the respect to be left alone while my elderly father had major surgery, two ruined christmases and countless csr's who have spoken down to me as if they own me, threatening me with foreclosure when they are the ones to blame. Guilty of losing all of my paperwork then "i'm sorry, we closed your case due to insufficient documents". Seriously!Supervisors who speak to you as if they're finally the ones who can help you, save you from further ignorance and horrid communication.

In the beginning months, I received many calls per day, holidays and often calls on sundays from them. When I finally had enough in november 2012, contacting several higher ups, the attorney general's office and a formal complaint with ns, their response? They retaliated by starting the foreclosure process. My rights as a customer have zero bearing nor importance to them, my sincere and honest efforts to comply with almost hundreds of changes to their "underwriter's" list of required documents, I finally realized I was swimming upstream and hired a lawyer. He compared talking to them as "a kafka book". Perfect analogy. I dealt with it for 16 months when he came into the picture, holding off the wolves single handedly. He was flustered within a week. With his help, I really thought we could see the remodification through. Not the case. I heard nothing from them, all they told him was that the underwriter"rejected" my documents (I wasn't aware it was even sent to underwriting) and nothing more was asked of me, no more alterations to the current docs, no more adding nor subtracting from what they wanted from me. No more faxes that had already been faxed multiple times. No more "i'm sorry, I never received it" despite the facsimile sheet saying "ok" on it.

I raised the white flag and hired a broker to sell my home. I notified them of this. My lawyer did as well. My broker said, "all you need to do is let them know it's not a short sale". Done. March 18th my house was officially listed. February 26th ns claimed they called me to tell me my remodification wasn't accepted.18 months for what?I provided every single thing they requested and then some. They aggressively proceeded with foreclosure without as much as a peep to my lawyer's letter requesting contact from them if anything further is needed for the remodification. I am not lying down and or doing cart wheels for them anymore. In pure scarface mode, "say hello to my lil friend"... Please contact me if you would like to join me in making ns own their choices to hurt people, play with lives and conduct business to only benefit them and sabotage any possibility of success for those they are supposed to be serving. Thank you for listening and I look forward to hearing from you! All the best, lj

Apr 3, 2013

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