National Recovery Agencyunethical unprofessional illegal

I received two calls in one day on my mobile phone. . . The call was routed to my vm which had a pre recorded machine that routed my to an agent once the call was answered. There was no identifying information on the vm regarding the caller and / or the nature of the call. Intrigued and concerned, i called back. Twice my call was disconnected while waiting for an agent. A third time i was routed to a smug, uncooperative male agent.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Penn, PA Upon inquiring who they were - what company this was i was answered with questions about my personal information. It seems that a simple question does not equal a simple answer to the nra because they wanted me to confirm my personal data without at least giving me the peace of mind of who i am speaking with. Upon researching the matter i found that collection agencies are obligated by law to identify themselves and the website accepts payments without allowing the consumer to see how much they owe and for what. I cannot believe this company is still in existence.

Jan 21, 2015

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