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A couple years ago I finally decided to take care of some issues with my legal guardianship of my son since I had moved back to Texas from Virginia and his mother had given me sole custody in a notarized and written document. Well, I needed to change his birth certificate to show that I was the biological father and wanted to try and get this done as cheap as possible since I was a single dad working hard to keep our geographical and residential change as minimally harmful as possible. I found these guys online and they seemed legitimate so I gave them a call. We talked a couple a times to make sure everything was on the up and up, so I figured I'd give them my money to get started. They were very quick to call when needing the money and when trying to get my court paperwork in order, but after my first trial date, i could not get anyone to help me out at all. I come to find out from some local lawyers that this company does not even have actual lawyers working and writing their documents. They won't even help you when filing or going to court, but they will never tell you that up-front of course! Well, I had a couple court dates and the judge literally threw out all my paperwork because none of it was up to current standards, and even the judge told me that I had gotten taken by these guys because, I myself, could have found the paperwork they gave me online and I could have filled everything out myself. All they did was find public records online, have some underwriting law student to fill in the blanks and they charged me over $1, 000 of my hard-earned money to keep my impending trial filing in the wind. Two years later, i cannot get anyone to call me back or at least reimburse me half the money they took me for on this issue!! PLEASE-PLEASE, PLEASE...find someone local to help you with your troubles even if you have to save the money up-front to get them started on your legal issues!!
I still haven't been able to get my legal issues in order and when I do get back on track, i'll have to pay a REAL lawyer to re-do all my paperwork!! WHAT A WASTE!!!

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    I was upset when I posted my original complaint and have made some untrue statements that I know now I can be liable for. National Family Solutions did nothing wrong and I was just upset about the outcome of my case and posted this review.I wish to REMOVE entirely my complaint against National Family Solutions. This account is under my name and the content that has been provided can cause me legal troubles in the future if NOT removed. The statements I made were not true and accurate and I only posted this complaint out of frustration from my own situation.

Feb 10, 2015
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