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National family solutions are the rudest people I have ever dealt with. They do not listen to what you tell them, they do not know the laws of the states. I what to get guardianship of my step grandson and they told me that a 12 year old can tell the judge where they would like to live. They have you fill out a questionnaire, tell you to write out a stoy so they can proof read it and write the way the judge whats to see it. Then they get on the computer and pull the paper work off for that state and mark the boxes. I told them this is not a custody fight, but that is the paper work they filled out. Also they did not proof read the story that I wrote, I was told just attach it to the papers when I file. When I told them what they did was wrong, and the age for a child was 14 in Arizona, they tell me I'm wrong, even after I talked to the courts. When you try to talk to them on the phone they talk over you while you are talking and will not let you finish what you are trying to say. They charge you a monthly fee which they take out of your credit card, plus $1000.00 to do the paperwork. And when you cancel your membership even though you are still paid up they don't what to talk to you. I have been trying to get my money back, but having no luck. They will not let you talk to anyone that can make a decision, they say that they have been trying to call you, but my phone records show that they have not called, and no emails are sent by them, and when you tell them the facts the call you a lier. I have taken care of the guardianship paperwork myself, which only took 15 mins to fill out. Not worth the $1080.00 I spent.The only thing they what is your money, and they don't know the law like they say they do. And if you don't do things their way you are in trouble. And don't think you will get your money back.I have found out that what national family solutions does you can do yourself by pulling the paperwork off the computer, or go to the court house and get the paperwork from the library, and the people there will help you. After paying all this money to national family solutions you still have to pay for all your filling fees and any papers that have to be sent to the other party. Do not use these people for anything. Also I, m reporting them to BBB.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 01, 2018 10:16 pm EDT

Attention, Scams!
Family National Solutions is a SCAM! they make money on dasperate people, who need legal aid. Them goal only take money, they are not professional, they don't have any real attorney, they don't take any responsibility only Your Money! People, please, stay away from this Froud!

Jul 15, 2016 6:39 am EDT

Waste of time and money. .tell you to put 100.00 deposit, $59.00 a month .make it seem as if the 100.00 and 59.00 a month is going toward the case..then when you speak to a case worker it's a different story..they don't start nothing until you pay whole cost..this is fine, but tell me that from the get go!..stay away!

Apr 04, 2014 12:41 pm EDT
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I did not follow through with the services but everybody I spoke to was extremely nice. I spoke with WALTER and he did not interrupt me or talk over me. He explained perfectly how the system works and I have enough experience with REAL lawyers to know he knew what he ws talking about. Basically, a custody filing is a ' paper fight "..meaning we, the consumer, are responsible for their success by working. We are just using them to file the paperwork. And 1, 000 for custody dispute is cheap. A real lawyer charges 500.00 just to retain. So quit your [censor]in and investigate the place BEFORE you give them money. I found them to be VERY up-front about the billing.

May 10, 2012 6:59 am EDT

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man, to be the sad man
Behind blue eyes

No one knows what it's like
To be hated, to be fated
To telling only lies

But my dreams, they aren't as empty
As my conscience seems to be
I have hours, only lonely
My love is vengeance that's never free

No one knows what it's like
To feel these feelings like I do
And I blame you

May 10, 2012 6:50 am EDT

We recently had a horrible experience with them. We too were lied to and they owe us money back. At first they are nice and it seems they have your best interest at heart and they are going to help you but when we found out that we were going to spend all this money for them to basically just do paperwork (which by the way you can do yourself at the self help center in San Jose) we canceled and then they wouldn't return calls, answer emails, they kept drafting my money and then when I finally did talk to Ron, he was the most rude person I've ever had to deal with before. And once I started talking to him like he was talking to me, he threatened to hang up. He could dish it out but couldn't take it! The most rude person and should not even be able to be in a position to talk to customer/people like that on the phone. He gives the company a very bad name! Not only the way he spoke to me but also the way they handled the entire thing. I do not recommend this company to anyone because you will be ripped off!

Apr 23, 2012 3:31 am EDT

I agree with all the supposed 'negative' comments. I have not/will not contract with this company, I only contacted them to see what they were about and they are EXTREMELY rude. When I told the person, Paul, about my husband's situation. He said that there is absolutely nothing they can do for him. I asked him exactly what is their definition of father's rights advocacy and he said "well exactly what I just explained to you-filing paperwork, making sure you have the right documents etc.". He repeatedly interrupted me and I couldn't even finish explaining what we wanted. Well that's not advocacy that's secretarial work...I'm a social worker and I know what advocacy is. So if you want true help and you're acting pro se - investigate and USE the Children's Rights Council. They are a nonprofit organization. They have a SMALL membership fee (i.e. $60 for national and $40 for local) and they will review documentation and go to court with you for that nominal fee. I'm not saying your case is exactly the same as mine...for instance your case's jurisdiction may be 200mi. from the closest CRC office but all you have to do is reimburse for gas if that advocate has to travel. As extra advice, if you have a GAL and you don't think they are following the duties assigned, then take a copy of the duties outlined by the state you're in so you can state why the GAL's recommendation should not be followed. I guess in a nutshell, when there is a nonprofit counterpart-ALWAYS go with the nonprofit. And if you're a Dad-don't give up & continue to fight-because as a woman, as a social worker and as someone raised by my father; I KNOW that a mother is not always in the best interest of a child.

Feb 27, 2012 2:06 pm EST
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do not give any more money
here are just a couple of names for you -
Scott Burmaster and his email address is [email protected]
Amanda Davis, Family Solution Specialist
George S. Yacoubian, Jr., LLC

Eric the owner,

I would advise keeping a copy of an emails back and forth, it will help in the future

Feb 26, 2012 2:53 pm EST
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GoDaddy123 please give me the peoples name that you went through with your situation.Because i have already give the national family solutions 100.00.Heres my email address. [email protected] PLEASE LET ME KNOW BEFORE I SEND THEM ANY MORE MONEY THANK YOU

Jun 16, 2011 7:51 pm EDT

They don't tell you till the last second that the filing is actually pro se. I could see this being a useful service but they are misleading people into believing that the filing will be by an attorney. In fact it is not... Dumb... these guys are going to end up in prison for wire fraud. Need to tell people up front that an attorney will not be filing the document.

Dec 28, 2010 6:17 am EST

Oh and once you do start complaining you will never hear from these people again, they dont want to talk to you try to resolve any issues, and you will be the one that is wrong. I have found a company out here that will vouch that these people are a joke i have had to repay these people who have done an amazing job in a day and a half as well. I am in the state of nevada so if anyone would like these peoples info please dont hesitate to ask and they are very fairly priced cheaper then national family solutions as well.

Dec 28, 2010 6:14 am EST

I as well have had a bad experience with this company, i Have paid them up for everything and have recieved my documents the paperwork i have recieved from some lawyer that scott burmaster said was a lawyer whom ive never talked to cant find in this state and wont answer any of my questions. The paperwork had no case law no points and authorities not even lines. If i had filed this which i didnt i would have been laughed at by a judge. I have requested my money back biengs they havent done anything for me, but of course i have not and will not recieve it. I will not reccomend this company to anyone and will be posting everywhere i possibly can about how this company does crap work for you. Dont get me wrong in situations that are very easily won im sure the crap paperwork they give you will work, but if it is not an easy case never go here.

Jul 31, 2010 9:42 pm EDT

Well I don't know why all these people on these websites would make false lies about a company if there wasn't a problem. Sometimes it takes time for a bad company to go under. I too have had a problem with this company. It's sad that there are people out there like myself and others going through some sort of legal battle and are emotionally upset with their situations with little money. To top it off they have to go through being ripped off by this company.
I found this company online and was in desperate need to get help at a low cost with my child custody modification order. I had called every lawyer and they wanted thousands of dollars. I filled out the information on their website and one of their representitives Eric called me back three days later. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about and told me that I would have a lawyer for my court case. All I needed was a $100.00 down and the rest of the money would range from $1, 000-$1, 500 in three montly payments. Sounded great! The next day I called Eric back and he took our credit card information for the hundred dollers. AFTER taking all the card information he then tells me that the hundred dollers is non-refundable and that there will be no lawyer to assist me in court. The only thing they do is help with paper work. He then told me to keep my email account open he would be sending me a recipt and the company's contract that I had to inital. (which I did not sign or initial) He put me on hold to run the card and soon after he got back on the phone and I also recieved the email at that time. After learning that this company was not going to provide what they said they were I no longer wanted to continue with their services. My fiance spoke to Eric and told him we no longer wanted their assistance and would like our money back he just came up with excuse after excuse as in why he couldn't refund our money back if we did not use their service at all. We just figured just let it go. What could we do? Our hundred dollars was gone.
Today we just found out that this company ran our card again for sixty dollers. We didn't authorize this company to make anymore transactions. We called the number we had for them and left a message on their website so far no call. Hopefully our bank can resolve any issues with our money and with this company. I am sure if they call us back they will only tell us we are lying. There is only one man that is the judge of that and will take actions upon these people for what they are doing. You can not go around doing this to others. It's sad, wrong, and imoral. I found it way cheaper just to go to a paralegal and have them fill out my paper work for me. 1.It's face to face, 2. they listen, 3. they wont keep charging your account, 4. they get the job done. Nobody should have to pay that much just to have their paper work filled out. So if that's all they do then they are false advertising because there is no way you are getting anything done by them at a cheaper cost and they are mis-leading. Beware of doing anything online. People are out to get you and if you are a sucker like me then we are their prime targets. We too are contacting the B.B.B.
God Bless anyone who had or is going though this company.


May 05, 2010 12:16 pm EDT
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Ok so I found them online - and I paid the $100.00, then they gave me a case manager - Scott Burmaster. He drafted a price of $1, 350.00 and a payment plan. I authorize them to take the money out. They gave me a lawyer who was clueless, the paper work was invaild, I took days off from work to file these papers in court and they were not the right ones,
we have been emaiing back and forth because none of the number are right. I had to backtrack the paperwork and try to get the right paperwork emailing the right departments.

I want them to credit my card back and have filed a report with the BBB, they are very rude and (may 5 2010) I got a call from the supposed owner and he was very rude to me saying that they terminated my account, now they did this so i have no access to anything.

you can actually file the paperwork yourself but you need the correct paperwork..

Aug 10, 2009 2:33 pm EDT

I have just signed up with the company, "National Family Solutions". An I hope they are not running a scam on us, because we really can not afford it. My son needs to be ligitimized on his sons and then wants to obtain custody. We are hard working people and really can not handle a disappointment.
J. bartlett

Jul 09, 2009 8:10 pm EDT

One more think that I forgot to mention above is that the indivual that prepared my documents was an actual attorney in Florida. I looked her up on the FL Bar Association and called them as well. She was very helpful and explained how court works since I didn't have even money to have an attorney in court with me. I would highly recommend using this company if you're on a tight budget and need help.

Jul 09, 2009 8:08 pm EDT

I actually started with National Family Solutions last week in a very desperate situation. I was served by my Ex and since I procrastinated, I only had three days to file my response. Just as anyone who is giving a payment over the phone, I was skeptical but to tell you the truth, I had nothing lose at that point than custody of my kids so I went for it. The company actually got my documents to me within 48 hours of me paying. I really don’t know what the other people in the previous posts are talking about but I have had my own business in Florida for 8 years and it’s hard to stay up and running when you’re a “fraudulent” company. Not everyone has the luxury of hiring an attorney to go to bat with them in court, including me. I went to court by myself with the proper documents and I was fine. Bottom line, don’t always believe what you hear. I would normally not take the time to fill out a blog or anything of the sort but I feel like I owe the company for helping me in such short notice.


May 03, 2009 5:19 pm EDT

Whether or not there is any truth to the situation between Ivan and National Family Solutions, the scenario is a perfect example why no one should hire anyone who is not an attorney to represent them in any legal capacity, including preparing legal documents. In every state, it’s illegal to practice law without a license. That is what National Family Solutions is doing. Even if they tell people they don’t give legal advice, they are still violating the law. If you get screwed by someone who is practicing law without a license, you don’t have any recourse. If an attorney does something wrong, you do have recourse; you can contact the bar association in your state. Don’t expect to save money with National Family Solutions. It will end up costing you more to hire an attorney to fix a problem caused by National Family Solutions than what you tried to save.

Apr 02, 2009 9:50 pm EDT

I found out by accident that National family solutions is the same office as some place alled National sales group. I called them and some girl from national sales group answered and they told me its a 'sister company'. I Googled National Sales Group and there are lots of complaints about them being a scam. There probably the same owners so i called National family solutions and told them to cancel my account.

Mar 27, 2009 6:37 pm EDT
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We KNOW who this client is. We have tried to call him over and over with no response, he was always claiming that now was not a good time and promised to call back to express his concerns over what may have a mistake on our part (we found out later there was no mistake). When he finally called us back, he lied directly to our faces about the documentation we prepared for him. The ATTORNEY that prepared his legal docs (which, by the way, has 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE) sent the original email attachment to us (as required by our contracts with our attorneys). His fraudulent claim is that he wanted guardianship of his grandchild, a simple procedural motion for the courts since the grandchild had been already living with him for seven years but we sent him something completely different. He claims that we sent him "custody battle" papers.

Is there any reason why we would do something completely different than his request? It is our determination that he is just simply trying to get legal documentation and support for free. We will not refund this client ever. After determining that the contracted attorney did prepared exactly what he wanted, we called him out on it and he went haywire. Not our fault - plain and simple.

We hope this response helps anyone get clarity that NEEDS legal documentation and support AND does NOT have $3000 to $5000 laying around to pay and attorney.


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