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National Enterprise Systems / scam

1 MI, United States Review updated:

My husband was contacted by this supposed collection agency this evening, and was informed by a man named Gerry Ross that an account that we had with another agency had been turned over to them on december 8th 2008, this confused my husband as we had just made our payment to the company on december 2nd, and i personally have never heard of a company recieving a payment, then 6 days later selling the account to collections. he was then informed that our debt was supposedly over $1600.00 when in fact the debt we owe is just over $1200.00. 'gerry' then told my husband that the debt had to e paid in full today. my husband said that he didnt understant why this debt was turned over as we had just made our payment 21 days ago, and were in good standings with the company we had been dealing with, but agreed to pay this debt. my husband went on to tell 'gerry ross' that we didnt have the money right now, as it is days before christmas, but he would be willing to make payments. he was told that they couldnt take payments, but that he could pay half by the end of the month and then the rest in january. so my husband agreed reluctantly, knowing we dont have the money for such payments. he then gave out bank account number to the man (having never delt with a scammer before, he didnt know any better). when he got off the phone i asked him a few questions and became immediately suspicious. i had my husband call bay finance, the company that we had originally owed, and he was told that they did not sell accounts to third party collection agencies. not only that, but we were in good standings and our account was not delinquent in any way, AND that they had in fact recieved our last payment on december 2nd. we called this national enterprise systems back. my husband told them he had just spoken to a man about an account we needed to settle with them, and that the mans name was Gerry, but he didnt remember his last name. the woman seemed to know exactly who this gerry character was and replied, "oh, gerry ross, ill connect you". now, this company that supposedly has over 1100 employees, everyone of them must be very close if they all know each others last names by heart!

'Gerry Ross' then got on the phone. my husband told him that he had just gotten off the phone with bay finance, and that our account had not been sold to them. 'Gerry' then told my husband that our account was actually through this other company called GE MONEY BANK and that they were a subsidiary of bay finance. that ge money bank had sold them the account and that bay finance must not have updated their computers yet. he said that they had recieved our account on december 8th, and that a letter had been sent out. he gave us an address that this letter was supposedly sent to, and the address was in fact an address we hadnt lived at in nearly a year. yet these people somehow had our current phone number, which is not even in the same city. i then took the phone from my husband and proceeded to ask questions, none of which this man would freely answer. he just kept repeating what he had said to my husband. he would not send the letter to our current address, but wanted us to fax him permission to fax us the content of the original letter. i told the man that he sounded shadey, and that i would be checking into his company further, and going down in the morning to change my account numbers.

we then called bay finance back again and explained what had just happened. they told us that the are not in any was affiliated with ge money bank, and were in fact their direct competition. they one again assured us that our account was in good standings, and that we owed just over 1200 dollars and not the 1600 dollars that nes was claiming. they then offered to do a conference call the next day with this nes company to straighten things out. we thanked them and called nes directly back. i asked for gerry ross and was once again connected to him. i told him that i had once again called bay finance and that i was told that there must be a mistake, they affiliated with ge money bank, and they do not sell their accounts to third party collectors, and that, once again, bay finance assured us that we are in good standings and our account was not delinquent. i told him that bay finance offered to do a conference call with them to sort this out, and i would like to do that. he then told me that he couldnt do that because the account had been closed. "closed?" i asked, "what do you mean?" he told me he had closed the account and sent it on to another agency named aero, or something like that. i asked for a phone number to contact this new company and was simply told "no" and "goodbye".

needless to say i am going to be waiting at the bank when they open in the morning to change our account numbers, and inform them to stop any payments to nes... and my husband learned a valuable lesson about giving out account numbers over the phone. thank god i was home, and caught it in time, or it could have been much worse.

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  • Si
      7th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have just red this article and am shocked because I just had a phone call like this earlier this week. Because of your information I am empowered to get this company straight they are rude and if this is a scam they are in for a battle. thank you for this article people need to know about the company

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