National Auto Divisionauto warranty

My 87 year old Aunt who lives in the Memory Care unit of an Assisted Living Facility received an official looking "Monthly Invoice" document for an Auto Warranty. The invoice showed a monthly amount due of $252.85 and a Customer Balance of $3, 278.48. The account number is listed as FLNF854174. The invoice has a "statement date" of 1/28/2016. The address is listed as 2323 Highway 9 North, Howell NJ 07731. The phone number is [protected] and fax number listed is [protected].

It's interesting as my Aunt's driver's license has been revoked and she doesn't even own a car!

There will be a special place in Hell for the people who make their living trying to scam others, especially our vulnerable elderly.

I called the number on the invoice [protected] and got put on hold to elevator music and then bounced around. Then was told to leave a voice message for Chris at extension 419. You can only imagine the voice message I left him!

My Aunt was very distraught over this and thought she owed $3, 278.48 to these clowns. Since I am her POA and handle all of her finances, I assured her she does not!

I have the original invoice in my possession if you need a copy.

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