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Our verdict: With Auto-Owners Insurance Company's very poor resolution rate, careful consideration is needed. Research their service comprehensively, and read up on how they handle customer disputes. If you face issues, be prepared for potential challenges in obtaining resolutions and explore other service providers as backups.
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9:44 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Homeowners insurance

[protected] policy number

I am writing to file a formal complaint against Auto Owners Insurance and Mr. John Ritenour from Insurance Office of America Inc. I purchased a homeowners insurance policy for my Georgia home, and Mr. Ritenour acted as the contact/producer/insurance writer for the policy. However, there has been a significant issue with the policy that needs urgent attention.

I approached Auto Owners Insurance and Mr. John Ritenour for a quote and subsequent purchase of homeowners insurance for my Georgia property. They assured me that the policy would meet all the necessary requirements for homeowners insurance in Georgia. Based on their representation, I proceeded with the purchase of the policy.

To my dismay, it later came to my attention that the policy did not include wind/hail insurance coverage, which is a crucial requirement for homeowners insurance in Georgia. This omission poses a substantial risk to me as a homeowner, as it exposes me to potential damages and financial loss in the event of wind or hail-related incidents.

I immediately contacted Auto Owners Insurance to rectify this issue. Unfortunately, my attempts to resolve the matter have been met with delays and unfulfilled promises of someone getting back to me. Despite my repeated calls and efforts to reach a resolution, the matter remains unresolved to date. Consequently, my mortgage company, Penny Mac, has placed a focus policy on my home due to the lack of wind/hail insurance coverage.

Given the severity of this situation and the disregard for the policy requirements, I believe it is essential to escalate this complaint to the appropriate authorities. Therefore, I kindly request that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Better Business Bureau, and relevant online consumer complaint sites investigate this matter thoroughly.

Enclosed with this letter, please find supporting documentation, including the policy details, communication records, and evidence of the omission of wind/hail insurance coverage. These documents substantiate my complaint and highlight the urgent need for a resolution.

I respectfully request that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Better Business Bureau, and the relevant online consumer complaint site take appropriate action to address this issue promptly. I anticipate a thorough investigation into the actions of Auto Owners Insurance and Mr. John Ritenour to ensure they are held accountable for their failure to provide the necessary coverage and adequately address my concerns.

I would appreciate your written acknowledgment of this complaint within [specify a reasonable timeframe, e.g., 10 business days]. Additionally, I request regular updates on the progress of the investigation and any steps taken to resolve the matter.

If necessary, I am prepared to provide further information or cooperate fully with any investigations conducted by the above-mentioned authorities or entities. I also reserve my right to seek legal advice and take additional steps to protect my rights as a policyholder if a satisfactory resolution is not achieved through these channels.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Better Business Bureau, and the relevant online consumer complaint site will take swift and appropriate action to address this complaint and ensure a fair resolution.

Desired outcome: wind/hail damage be added at the price of my current policy

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5:10 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Claim department and denial of claims

On July 6, 2022, I filed 4 different claims on 2 homes that I own that are just blocks from each other. And 2 additional homes that I own in another part of town just blocks from each other. The first roofer filed the 4 claims. Then Auto Owners sent out the same adjuster that found no hail or wind damage at any of the houses. I had a second roofer come out to the first two homes and he found damage and I paid him $900. to repair the wind damage at the first house Claim number [protected]. On the second claim number [protected] that repair by the second company was $950. plus $1,372,28 for total of $2,322.28. This is quite a bit for two roof repairs that the carrier's adjuster says that they have no damage.

I requested a second inspection by a different adjuster for the next 2 properties, since the second roofer agreed with the first roofer that there was damage. The second carrier adjuster found no damage at one of the properties, claim number [protected]. A third roofer repaired that roof for $500. Again, a lot for a roof that the carriers adjuster says there is no damage.

But the carrier's adjuster did fine wind damage and loose shingles on that roof. claim number [protected]. That estimate was for $1,746.16 for wind damage loose shingles and repainting of the kitchen water marks. Less deductible of $1,000. check was for $746.16.

The actual roof repair to the third roofer was $2,200. plus $450 to the painter, for a total of $2,650. When I summited the two bills for the roof repair and the painter. the adjuster at the Newnan location said that the repairs were not covered. Because it was for loose shingles and loose boards. What do thing you're going to get in a windstorm damage claim. Tight shingles?

So too sum all this up, the first Auto Owners adjuster said that there was no damage are any of the houses. The second Auto Owner adjuster only found wind damage at one of the second two houses.

I paid $950. to the second roofer for the first house. I paid a total of $2322.28 at the second house that had no damage. I paid $600. for repair to the third house that Auto Owner's adjuster said there was no damage. And then I paid $2,650 at the fourth house that the Auto Owner adjuster said only had $1,746.16 worth of wind damage. Like the roofer told me, His price to repair the roof and make it watertight was $2.200. If the insurance adjuster could do it for $1,295.16 let him do the repair and warrantee his work.

My total out lay to two different roofers was $6,472.28 for roofs that Auto Owners denied the claims on. And they only want to pay $746.16 total.

What kind of a scam is Auto Owners trying to pull? Can you imagine the Hundreds of Thousands of dollars they would be able to save themselves. And the hundreds of policy holders they would be able to cheat. I personally think it's time for the insurance commissioner of Georgia to look into this.

Desired outcome: At the very least I think that Auto Owners should pay me what my actual receipts price that I paid for the roof repair and painting, less my deductible.

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6:28 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Car Insurance

My name is ZITH I. BONSETT and I am insured by Auto-Owners Insurance Company under policy [protected] (car insurance), attached is my latest insurance certificate. I had a car accident on July 2, 2022 as per the Claim Number (Claim #: [protected]). I received a Notice of Suspension with a penalty of $250 from BMV because AUTO-OWNERS fail to submit a copy of my insurance certificate. I am working and I need to drive to work, I am living in Scottsburg Indiana, and working at Blankenbaker, Louisville Kentucky. I have a suspended driver's license right now, how am I able to go to work?

According to BMV my insurance should submit it online or via mail and BMV will immediately remove the suspension and waive the charges. I offer if I can submit it myself, knowing how poor service I am getting from my insurance company. BMV says that only my insurance company can do it and it is just a 2mins job to submit online.

I called the company phone numbers, but no agent was available, ALL goes to voicemail. I choose each and every option provided on the menu but not a single soul picked up the phone. I tried every phone number and even called the billing department and tried transferring me, of course, the result was still the same, no one answered. Until the company closes for the day (for the week actually). I sent email to my agent and to the claim person, of course, I need to wait until next week. I even sent an email to the CEO, Mr. Jeffrey S. Tagsold, why am I not surprised that my email cannot be delivered? I hope this complaint registration form does something about it.

Thanks in advance.

Desired outcome: For Auto-Owner to submit the document in order for BMV to remove the suspension and waive the charges.

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3:34 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Claims

Why can't your claims adjuster return phone calls. I have left two messages for the Branch manager, and he too does not return calls in 2 1/2 weeks. This claim has been going on Since December of 2021. It is now August 9, 2022. I have never seen such bad customer service. I am sure that not ever office is run a poorly as the Newnan Georgia office is.

Desired outcome: Someone that can return phone calls and actually assist with closing a claim and paying the money that is owned. Someone that can do something except send out more of the same paperwork, Over and over again.

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Update by William E.
Nov 09, 2022 5:13 pm EST

Never heard from anyone at Auto Owners. I am guessing it's time to look for another insurance carrier and contact the Insurance Commissioner in Georgia.

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11:08 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Supplements to my claim

My vehicle had hail damage from a storm on 5/19/22.

It took 2 weeks for an adjuster to come out.

The car has been at the repair shop since 7/13/22.

The owner of the repair shop has been trying to have someone contact her about the supplements required to repair the damage.

She calls daily with no reply.

I am paying for a rental car, now in the 2nd week of repair. I have called my claims rep leaving voicemails. The repair shop cannot finish the work until they have the money to continue the repairs.

How do I get someone to answer the phone?

I am very upset because this is costing me more money than I can afford due to the lack of communication from Auto Owner's to body shop.

Please have this taken care of today.

Desired outcome: Supplements to be paid to the repair shop.We are still waiting for Auto Owner's do their part by paying the supplements.

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10:53 pm EST

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Auto claims

November 12th, 2021 my mother was driving my 2007 ford fusion with my 2 children in the car ages 13 and 12 she was at a red light in town and waiting for the green light when a 2007 red ford edge backed into her I was at work and she called and stated that the person responsible was going to get the car fixed and she had his number and insurance information at the time it was the wrong info and when calling law enforcement I couldn't get an accident report until Sunday afternoon because I was attempting to find a way back an forth to work, unsuccessful I have missed two weeks of work n I was not able to get to the right insurance company because everyone kept telling me I was in the wrong place finally I called my insurance company meantime I had attempted contqact with the accused and he was giving me a hard time and I was like listen this hasnt incovenvienced you however this ius causing a single mother to not be able to pay bills and im glad your father has a trucking company with plenty of cars for you to borrow I have no way back and forth and I cant even go to the store and for 2 wekks this went on when the right placa finally got my messgae and returned and this elizabethe alexander was rude and claimed she was getting conflicting statements because her client stated the father of the driver said it was nothing wrong with car when in fact I have not been abke to drive I have missed days at worj adn it has cost me over 400 in gas paying ppl to help me get to the store and my kids to school this has impacted us a great deal adn the comapany has made no attempt to make this any better nor were my children or I offered any thing other then the run aroud my daughter had to wuit cheer because she hurt her knee in accident and then they saisd theu would send me a packey in maul which never arrived and they stated they woufl reimburse for the car rental that I had to poay for and borrow so I wouldnt lose my hob I really dont understant what the deal is my car is total and the only thing they are offereing is 1580 something I am not gonna be able to retutrn the rental car on friday and have one day to look for a pievce of crap car that will break down on me tomorrow and I wont even be able to get to work they aspect me to accept this it has been totally out of contriol and they treat me as if I am at fault and wont return calls and send me nasty email and im done so I need help with this asap

Desired outcome: my claim paid in a better way, my kids pain adn suffereing my pain suffering my lost wages adn them to be put out of business apprently they do this quite often i have reaad seveal reviews and complaints about this company

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11:15 am EST

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Denied claim

I`ve been with Auto-owners for around 10 years, Had a Vandalism claim, spent hundred of dollars in testing, to prove damage, I have 44 years as a state Certified Mechanic, adjuster has no mechanics degrees, not an Engineer, not a Chemical degree, and has never seen the damaged parts, but has disputed all test reports to claim and deny claim, Has had a Cummins tech to down load ECM, I was present when it was done and we the Cummins tech and i Discussed the info found NO Evidence to claim machinal failure do to lack of oil, the test of injector supported that it had plenty of lubrication with normal wear. sense the injector is the last point that gets it`s oil off the Rockers that operate the valves. It took him 5 month of loss of income to Decide this, with the company losing over $50, 000. Dollars loss date 11/8/2020 claim # [protected] I have a complete file of pictures to support claim at your request Ph [protected]

Desired outcome: Pay settlement and loss of income do to Discrimination

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1:22 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Auto-Owners Insurance Company Failed to pay for repairs

I had an insurance policy through Auto Owner's Insurance Company. They robbed me on two different occasions!

The first time, I was involved in an accident, I had my SUV in four wheel drive when it happened and because of the abrupt stop, the teeth on the gear in my rear differential were sheered off at the base. I had a notarized and signed statement from three auto repair shops stating that this could have only happened from an auto accident because the insurance company decided it didn’t want to pay the $1000 repair which was for a used differential. (I wasn't even trying to get them to pay for a new one which was twice the price!) I took them to small claims court and they hired an attorney which hired a well-known sleaze-bag shop owner in town to testify that I was lying. They ran circles around me after the judge informed me that my letters were not admissible and that I should have had the witnesses there to testify...yeah thanks for telling me! Anyway, they didn’t have to pay for the differential because I lost. How much did they spend on their defense? After all, the attorney came 400 miles from Salt Lake City!

The other time they screwed me was when I added my suburban to my insurance policy. They quoted me a certain amount of money and when I received the bill, they had decided to triple the monthly premium. They had added the Suburban to the same account that my Blazer was on, (which I had paid the insurance policy in full for six months) so I reluctantly paid the first month for the Suburban and told them to take it off the policy, that I was insuring elsewhere. I ended up insuring it with USAA. (what a great company!)

About three months later, my wife was involved in a car accident with our Blazer. I contacted Auto Owner's to inform them of the accident and they told me that I no longer had an insurance policy with them. They decided to leave the Suburban on my insurance policy and that it had eaten up all the money I paid on the Blazer and then they cancel the insurance on both vehicles...all without saying a word to me! This company is all about taking your money and giving you absolutely nothing in return! Do NOT go with Auto Owners! They are crooks!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Rossie M
Windsor, US
Dec 11, 2021 11:51 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Auto Owner Insurance is the worst or the worst, Auto Owner Insurance drags out claims and Tell's you they need more information, and when you send it to the claims department, they will either say they didn't receive it, or they lost the paperwork! then when Auto Owners Insurance finally figures out, they have a significant claim here come the sleaze ball, lowlife attorneys they hire to offer you nothing or pennies on the dollar and then drag the claim out for years in hopes to wear you down and try to intimidate you and try to make you settle! Then when that does not work and you go to court, these sleazy attorneys hire the best liars in the business to testify against you in court! Fact, Auto Owner Insurance will spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to sleazy slimeball attorneys rather than try to settle the claim fairly! but that is what happens when you have an insurance company like Auto Owner, they could care less about taking care of their insured and being fair and honest! If you're looking for Insurance don't even consider these clowns you will be very, very sorry!

, US
May 17, 2016 2:06 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. My husband and I are senior citizens . We were hit head on in a car accident by a driver insured by auto owners. Our whole life was turned upside down beginning on that day. My husband was an artisan. His whole life he had dreamed of being able to do the show circuit and show his art work. That dream came true 13 year before this horrific accident that was admittedly no fault of ours! In this accident, our car rolled over and was totaled. Thankfully, our air bags were activated and our lives were saved and although we were not seriously injured, we were out of commission for quite some time. My husband had a very badly broken arm which would not heal. It is now over a year later and he is still not able to use it as he used to. It goes numb and hurts and he can not control the movement of it. Needless to say, it put an end to his artwork and art shows. Auto owners wanted to pay us 50, 000.00 total for all of our doctor bills and lawyer fees! They discounted the loss of my husbands art show circuit as if it was no big deal! Because I was not able to work, my credit became bad and I can no longer be a bank manager as I used to be because I can not get my mortgage license with a bad credit report. They treated me so disrespectful and acted as if my credit report was always this bad although I had worked as a bank manager prior to the car wreck. The part that really bothers me is that the insurance adjuster for auto owners goes to the same church as me and it makes me sick to think we worship together and he pretends to care about his fellow Christian! I can't tell you how bad we have felt after being treated so poorly by this adjuster and his disrespectful attorney! Auto owners must be a part of the devils cult!

b han
Arvada, US
Nov 28, 2012 1:56 pm EST

Worst insurance company out there. Buyer beware. Will fight you on any claim. Wouldn't pay a claim on my policy that covered my wife who was killed in an auto accident. Auto - owners paid 10's of thousands in lawyer costs to fight me in court rather than pay my claim. You will be sorry if you ever have to deal with this company on a claim whether its your own policy or someone elses policy.

Grand Rapids, US
Aug 23, 2011 12:03 am EDT

We are on day 10 with Auto Owners in a no fault/no ticket auto accident. I have never known an insurance company that worked so hard to prove their own customer was @ fault.

ugh mad customer
Scottsville, US
May 16, 2011 5:58 pm EDT

I had some wind damage back in 12, 2010 and finally in march of 2011 they send a adjuster out (contracted by them) to look at all my damage I could never get a hold of the adjuster that was assigned to my claim never spoke to that man till finally of may 2011 when he comes out here cause im still waiting for check for all repairs you cant get ahold of anyone they dont want to send out whats its going cost to reapair stuff, but yet they make sure to get there payment every month like clock work from me.I dont see how this is aloud a person shouldnt have to wait this long for repairs or even to speak with someone to this day im still waiting on the $$$$$ for where i repaired the roof and was supose to get refunded for the differnece needless to say im pist and very unhappy with this company i will be fileing a complaint with the bbb as well as anyone else i can something needs to be done about how there treating customers and taken short cuts.damn shame u file a complaint in 12, 2010 finally in may of 2011 your still waiting for all repairs to be done and submitted for a check u think they would wait that long for a payment dont think so..

Bowling Green, US
Dec 14, 2010 5:42 pm EST

These people are so corrupt. One of their insured people hit my car completely damaging it, when I had right of way, and then they assigned blamed to both of us, saying we should both take care of our own damages.
After one year, they contacted a Collection Agency to make me pay over 2, 000 dollars for the scratch on that lady's car (that hit mine!).
I refused to pay them, since they all know I had right of way but want me to pay for a scratch. Note her SUV was just scratched when she hit her but my car was totaled!

Grand Prairie, US
Aug 31, 2010 1:08 am EDT

Your policy does not cover tree damage to your neighbor's property unless your neighbor has made you aware of the rotted tree and you have neglected to remove it. And thus they could file a liability claim against you.

Your homeowner's policy covers damages to your property. Their policy covers their property. Whom the tree belonged to is not relevent unless you were made aware of the situation and failed to take proper steps to prevent the occurance.

You could always agree to meet your neighbor halfway on the tree removal and the repairs, if you felt that strongly about it.

Detroit, US
May 04, 2010 7:47 pm EDT

I too have had two problems with Auto Owners and my parent's have had one problem . . . is this a pattern or have me and my family really been wrong on 3 counts? They paid 25, 000 for 45, 000 estimates (kitchen fire damage) in my parent's home. The claims adjuster, Don Keuchle in Lansing did not return my many phone calls, then told my brother I did not follow-up with him. In 2007 I was rear ended by a drunk driver, totaling my Ford Explorer and I incurred whiplash in my neck. My diagnosis was whiplash. They refuse to pay for any medical stating they must see all of my medical records and I must have an independent medical evaluation also. Finally, last week a tree fell into my neighbor's property and ruined their landscaping and fence. The policy covers rotting trees as long as the owner (me) was unaware of the tree damage. Although this was the case, they are refusing to pay so my neighbor has to get his homeowners to pay and he has to pay the deductible. This company's practices are unethical yet the state of Michigan has no provisions for recourse in place except a lawsuit which, if pursued, could potentially fail, costing me money (of course Auto Owners knows this and realizes most people cannot risk the financial lossess and they also have hired aggressive attorneys). It makes me sick what this company is doing to me, my family, and others who have been impacted by their cruel and unethical treatment of their customers. Doesn't their logo state "the no problem people"? If anyone knows of a reputable, ethical, fair company, please post the information for me. Thank you.

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