Napstercustomer service

On 4/03/17 I subscribed to a 30 day free trial for which I used my personal credit card to start the trial. I am been happy with the music service for the most part. When my trial period was nearing the end, I wanted to change my credit card info over to my business credit card. I did this on 4/27/17, which is not 30 days. I was charged right then and there $10.91 to my old card. I was on a Napster Chat session this morning with "Tom" who said that when I changed my credit card information I came off the 30 day free trial and onto a monthly subscription. Really!!! I asked that the $10.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Seattle, WA91 be refunded back to my old credit card, and he replied that I would need to update the credit card information online again. Which I said, NO, if I updated it again I was afraid I would be charged again. He said this was the only way unless I wanted another 30 days of a free trial. All I wanted was my refund, not another trial. Heck I was willing to pay for the business to have the music service but not be charged $10.91 during a trial period. He would not budge. I feel that customer service is suppose to be the lifeblood of a business. This customer service was in my opinion very poor and yes, I gave them a very poor rating. Please watch your billing with these guys.

May 01, 2017

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