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1 Sarasota, FL, United States
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MyUs has taken my packages hostage and wont tell me when they will be shipped. I received 2 parcels of just over 1lb each in my suite valued under $30. I chose Least Expensive Option for shipping. I was given DHL and FedEx economy as shipping options to choose from costing over $40. I contacted customer service and they told me since my packages were small I could use the budget shipping option if I sent both my parcels separately. It would cost me only $ 14.99 each to do so. So obviously that's what I did. Now it's been quite a few days and my packages are still lying in their warehouse and i'm being told that unless they manage to get 75lbs worth of orders they will not ship my orders as these are the requirements from the shippers. They are forcing me to use DHL or FedEx if I want to receive my orders. No where on their website is there any mention of the 75lbs requirements. If there was I would not have signed up for their service cause if I have to pay over $ 40 to ship items of about the same value then pay another $50 or $60 fir customs duty then why should I bother using MyUS. I can use Borderfree. Their service is excellent and prompt and I can prepay customs. MyUs is cheating it's customers by providing misleading information on shipping rates and strong arming them into chosen DHL and FedEx which are very costly. If they cannot guarantee shipping with a particular shipper then that shipper should not be given as an option to customers in the first place. I'm outraged that in today's day and age with strict laws on consumer rights companies like this still manage to practically bully customers into paying high charges.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Sorry for all the frustration experienced! We offer several carrier options to suit your shipping needs. These include budget, economy, and express options. You are welcome to choose the option that works best for you.

    Some budget methods require us to accrue a certain poundage before we ship, but this is still included in our estimated delivery times, so there's truly no delay.

    If you would prefer items ship out on the same day and get to you fast, we have a ton of express/economy options. You can check these out on our ship rate calculator:

    Feel free to update your preferred carrier method from your Account Settings > Shipping Preferences at any time.

  • Updated by Chan1, Aug 29, 2018

    All the information you have provided in your reply was already available on your website and I was aware of the same. What isn't available on your website though is the minimum poundage required to make your budget delivery option possible ie. For customer's choosing your Least Expensive Option to get their packages within 15 days of them arriving in their suite. I made an informed choice after talking to one of your customer service agents to go with the Least Expensive Option. This meant I could ship my parcels for only $14.99 instead of $40 plus dollars or more with the ton of express/ economy options you mention in your reply. And now its almost a week since my first parcel arrived in my suite. It still hasn't been shipped so how can you say it doesn't affect your shipping timeline. Its almost a week and you still haven't met your required poundage. Maybe you won't be able to meet it for another week or two or maybe a month. Do you really think it's fair to make your customers wait that long without having informed them that this could be the case, before they sign up with your service? I for sure would'nt have signed up with your service if I was told I would be required to wait an indefinite period of time for my parcels to be shipped or not shipped at all. I'm a reasonable person. If you tell me it will take a couple of days or maximum 4 days I have no issues waiting but when i've asked your agents how long I need to wait I was told very clearly I will only get my parcel IF the required weight threshold is met. And that I should chose the more expensive DHL or FedEx options if I want my parcels. How can you say ' only if' when you are a parcel forwarding service offering me the budget option. I have paid for my purchases and am willing to pay the shipping charges for the shipping method chosen by me so there should be no 'only if'. When you give your customers shipping options next to the Least Expensive Option you should clearly mention ' no guarantee that you'll ever receive your paid purchases unless your willing to pay more'. Which means your budget options are only to lure in unsuspecting customers.
    Be transparent and honest!

  • We pride ourselves on having a transparent process and providing our members with all of the options to suit their shipping needs. No matter the carrier method you select, you are indeed entitled and guaranteed to receive your shipment, as would be expected. If budget shipping does not meet your needs, we are always happy to upgrade your shipment.

    Please get in contact with out support team so they can help:

  • Updated by Chan1, Aug 31, 2018

    Your offering to upgrade my shipping option is obviously at my cost right?Also I do want to mention that within 2 days of me posting my complaint my parcels have finally been dispatched and on checking the shipping details it mentions Urgent Handling. Wondering if that would have been the case if I hadn't posted a complaint. I was really excited to sign up to your service as i do shop a lot online and shipping and customs costs to India can be quite expensive.As per your website and advertising it really seemed like i'd found a good option to meet my shipping needs while minimizing my costs. But so far it's been quite a tedious process. If my parcel's get here within the 15days shipping time line you promise and they arrive in good condition then MyUs mite be able to redeem themselves a bit in my eyes.

  • Updated by Chan1, Sep 07, 2018

    I have finally received my order. It reached me a little over the time frame provided by you. However i'm not entirely convinced that this is how it usually works with your Least Expensive Option. I'm inclined to think that me posting complaints here might have had something to do with it. But I have to say my items were well packed, properly labelled and came intact. My thanks to Jamier for that.

  • Happy to hear you received your shipment in good order.

Aug 28, 2018

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