MyRentToOwn.comrent to own properties listings

MyRentToOwn advertises that for a fee of $1.00, you can receive a 7 day trial period. After the 7 day trial period, then their is a $49, 95 monthly fee. After approximately 2 hours of using their alleged program, I din't receive any rent to own listings whatsoever throughout the entire Bay Area. Over the past two days, I have made numerous calls and spoken with several Supervisors at MyRentToOwn, complaining about this matter. I have been informed by everyone I have spoken with, that this matter will be immediately resolved. So far, nothing has been done to resolve this issue! After spending several hours of my time searching through their alleged site, I have continuously gotten the same results, a bunch of property purchases only, and after contacting some of the realtors involved, they never heard of MyRentToOwn, or gave them permission to list their property. THEY NEED TO BE IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN!

Nov 27, 2018

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