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Cuba, MO, United States
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I don't know what happened to my post so I will say this again. This company has made me lose faith in humanity. I signed up for the website a little over a week ago. I have been trying like crazy to find a home for me and my three boys, so I thought maybe I should give this a shot, it said it would show me rent to own homes in my area, and after searching and searching on my days off work and not having any luck I decided to try it. I paid the $1.95 for the week trial, and when the week is up you are suppose to cancel or they charge like $49.95 (not sure if the change value is correct) so I sign up expecting to see all these listings and I get two lol, they aren't in my area and one house was 1900$ a month and one was 900$ a month. Well needless to say I don't come from any kind of money and my full time job even on a good week with overtime could clear no where near that. No big deal though it was a couple bucks right? I thought maybe there was some search engine on it I was missing or something to find all these listings so I decided to take a look at it again after work one day. Anyway so i've had a terribly hectic work week, a sick kid who has passed his lovely stomach bug on to me, and when I showed up to work at four this morning there was no boss there to open the door. To make a long story short it's been a really bad day. Anyway I checked my email and remembered that I had signed up for this website so I run and grab the phone to call them before they take the fifty bucks off of my card. I call and the lady tells me that it has been a little over a week since I signed up and that they took the money. I started to panic and I told her my situation and that after paying almost all of my bills that was all I had to last me two weeks, and that I have three kids, trying to make it and to please please put the money back on my card. I didn't think there would be any kind of problem at all. I thought she would put the money back on my card and I could sigh a big sigh of relief and be very grateful. That's not what happened though she refused to refund my money and told me there was nothing she could do about it, I told her I wanted to speak to somebody over her and at first she tried to say that there wasn't anyone higher than her and when I told her I didn't believe that she then said they were all in a meeting. I broke down crying, fifty bucks isn't a lot to some big company but to a mother with three kids it can mean a great deal. I called my card and I have four dollars on it! I called back praying that somebody human would pick up and I got this other lady, she too told me it was "policy" and there wasn't anything she could do, I was still in tears and have been and I told her that I understood her policy and that I was so sorry that I forgot to call sooner but could she please understand how much I am depending on that money and please put it back on my card. She paused and said let me see what I can try and do for you. Finally somebody who understood! I stayed on hold for a few minutes. And when she got back on the line she told me that she explained my situation to her boss but they still weren't going to help me!!??!! Wait what??!! Yes it doesn't matter how much I depend on that money to take care of my children.. They don't care at all that they are taking food right out of my babies mouths???!! Did I hear this right? I lost it I had a meltdown and screamed some very i'm lady like words that I regret now because it isn't her fault, at least she had a heart and was willing to try. I hope the fifty dollars you kept serves your company well! Maybe you can buy some integrity with it!

Sep 27, 2017

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