I saw in the craigslist a very good house to rent and I was very impressed about how cheap it was. I called to the phone listed and it was myrenttoown. I was excited about having a chance of buying a home. The attendance asked me to pay 1, 99 to have informations about the house. I did it. The attendance didn't find the house and asked me to see directly in t he site. I did it. I hang up the phone and I checked in the site and the house was not there anymore. I was sad and suspected about the site. So they keep send me email but I just didn't open. After a week, I just saw a 49, 90 debit in my account and checked what this was and it was a srvts charge. For what, I didn't know. So I called there and for my surprise it was about myrenttoown membership that I needed calcel after 7 days. I explained I didn't contract any membership and no one told me anything about it.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Bloomington, CA The attendance told me this information is in the he site and I needed check by myself, than I have no rights for a refund. I was very mad and I called for my bank and they told me that is it was a product I could give them back but services I can't have this refund.
I called directly for myrenttoown membership phone and explained to the attendance the lack of information and they told me they sent and email that I needed check in the spam box because it's my responsibility to check my email to know this information. I asked him why the first agent didn't tell me in the first conversation that I would be charged after 7 days. He just said that this is the system of the company. Now, I ask: how am I having my rights about having a good information before using this kind of product? How can I trust in attendance of they are telling the truth or if they are fraudulenly hiding informations and letting you in a tricky trap?

Feb 09, 2018

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