SUBMIT A COMPLAINT delivered but not received. Unable to contact.

Received message from MyHermes to tell me that my parcel was 'successfully delivered to a secure location' at a time (evening) when I and my family were at home. We have not received a parcel.

Unable to contact MyHermes by any means whatsoever. Helpline only found through googling directly directly, but when called it simply re-directs you to their website or your retailer. Enter details for web chat and I am told that my parcel is not a myhermes parcel. Checked the entered details 5 times, definitely correct.

Call my retailer. They tell me that myhermes always redirects customers to them and is unwilling to handle queries themselves. Am told they will contact myhermes for me and that I may get a response in 48 hours. If not then to call back.

I thought that online retailing was a growing market? Not like this it isn't. I ordered online because it was more convenient that going to a shop, but spending an hour handling a parcel 'lost' by myhermes is very inconvenient . I won't be ordering from any retailer that uses MyHermes ever again.

This is what happens when organisations operate 'on the cheap'.

Jan 10, 2017

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