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This website, its practices and methods are very deceiving and purposely designed to trap people into an automatic, continuously indefinite monthly charge. I was contacted by m. K, because she had used the service to help her write a resume. She is a student, with no money, looking for work. She went to the website “my perfect resume”, for help with her resume, and paid the fee, about $3.00. She thought that was it, for her one time use. Around 2 weeks ago, she noticed a charge of $34.95 on her account, and didn’t know what it was for. After researching, she realized it was a fee from this place. Not only that, this was the third charge of $34.95! At no point did she get an email or any notification that these charges were being made to her account. So she called the customer service number, and they agreed to remove the last month’s charge. The representative told her that they would speak to a supervisor about the other two charges. A couple of days later, m. K. Received an email telling her that she would not receive a refund for the other two months. At that point, m. K, (understandably upset at losing so much money for nothing), asked me to serve as her representative, to see if they would act in “good faith” and remove the 2 charges. I did some research through internet searches and the better business bureau. All the red flags are there about their deceptive, and abusive business model, as they entrap the innocent and naïve people who are just trying to find a job. I called this number: [protected]. A lady with an accent answered. I had to ask to speak to a supervisor 5 times. Finally, “abel” came to the phone and identified himself as a “floor supervisor”. Later, at the end of our conversation, I asked for his employee i. D. Number for reference. He told me that he would not give me that for “safety reasons” and that it was “company rules” for safety. Interesting, isnt’ it? Afraid for your safety for an id number?? I explained the situation to abel, the reason for the call, and asked, very politely, for a refund of my client’s two monthly charges. I also asked him why anyone needs to have indefinite, automatic monthly resume writing services. He answered that the website is not only designed for use, the charges are for the availability of the service, whether you use it or not. So I asked him” if I got a macy’s credit card, bought nothing each month, should they be entitled to charge me, because the store is there and available for me to use it?” his answer to that was that their service is just like costco, where you pay for membership. I pointed out that costco is a finite, one year membership fee, and that you agree to it, and do not give them your credit card number for them to syphon any money out of it automatically each month. He also told me a couple of times that the company does everything legally. Which may be true, but it is unethical and predatory! He seemed to have an answer for everything, so these complaint calls are obviously nothing new. Anyway, he was not helpful, nor empathetic, but asserted that everybody is satisfied with the company. Well, that is just not true, as evidenced by the many, many negative complaints easily found through a web search. When I asked him if I could do anything else to try to get satisfaction on this, he gave me two other numbers: [protected] and [protected]. I called the first number, which identified itself as “ live career”, not, my perfect resume. A young man, “r”, answered. I briefly told him why I was calling, and asked if he could help. After I explained the situation, he said he needed mk’s last 4 digits of her credit card. There was no assurance at this point that a refund would be given. Understandably, I was hesitant to give it, especially since they should already have all that information from charging mk before. He told me that I would have to speak to his supervisor, who was at lunch, but would be back in 20 minutes. So I said “ok”, and asked for the name of the supervisor. Here’s the clincher, ready for it? He said his name is abel!!! They are in the same building, within sight of each other!! What is that?? So… abel, volleys me over to someone else. Ping, pong! I told the young man, “never mind, I have already spoken to him, and he has no intention of helping.” I also let him know about this “game”- abel giving me another number for help, and it turns out that it’s the same place, only with two different business names! This company is really giving people the run-around. I speak to abel, he gives me another number. The representative at this number, tells me I have to speak to abel. So, to close this. Nothing positive came of this. All I can say is beware. It’s a shame, and downright mean, inconsiderate and greedy to prey on people who are looking for work!!! By the way, the resume is nothing special. You do not need this service!

Oct 28, 2015
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  • Li
      Oct 29, 2015

    Hi Nancez,

    I’m very sorry that you have had this experience with our site and did not have the best customer service experience. MyPerfectResume is a sister company of LiveCareer. We provide effective and valuable career, resume and cover letter assistance to hundreds of thousands of people. We explain that the subscription is auto-renewing. The details of our subscription are listed on our sales page, and we also send a payment confirmation email stating the date and amount of the auto- renewal. A monthly subscription makes it easy for our customers to customize the resume and cover letter for each position for which they are applying, and also to avoid interruption on the service. We do offer several ways to cancel including by phone, live chat, email and self-cancellation in your Account Settings.

    Please contact me directly with the email address you used to create your account or the last 4 digits of the card that was billed and card holder’s name so that I can take a look at it personally and resolve this issue quickly for you. Please email me at anna.[protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,



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  • Na
      Oct 31, 2015

    Hello Anna. You state in the above message that you want Ms. KZ (the person I'm representing) to contact you directly, but I don't see how. I see the name Katrina-LiveCareer up at the top of this message, but obviously, that's NOT you. Also, when I click on that "hot" link, it takes me to Katrina's profile, which has been seen in 2012, plus below that are the other complaints against Perfect REsume. If you would please advise me how I can have KZ contact you directly without having to expose her email and last four digits of her credit card information on THIS complaints website, I would appreciate it!. We really would appreciate a good faith resolution to this matter.
    Thank you,
    Nancez - for KZ

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  • Na
      Oct 31, 2015

    I am sending you Ms. KZ's email address. However, for the last four digits of card she used, we will need a more direct way to contact you.

    Thank you.

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  • Na
      Nov 06, 2015

    Contrary to "Anna's" message above, stating "I look forward to hearing from you", there has been no attempt to reach the person named above in order to reach a good faith settlement of the issue. This is IN SPITE of us sending the email address for the person. So while the email response from "Anna" above states how sorry they are about he experience, there is apparently NO real effort or concern to (as Anna above states), "look at it personally and resolve this issue quickly for you." We are very disappointed at the lack of follow-up on this by Perfect Resume (or is it Live Career), but not too surprised.

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