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The owner of this business is completely unprofessional and borderline harassing, as well as rude. I came in to contact with Bob Pilkington several years ago in a bar. He was a patron in the bar, my mother bartended. When my Mother got sick, Mr Pilkington prepared paperwork for her final wishes. Part of that, was preparing paperwork for when my step father died, his final Will, etc. When my step father dies a few months ago, I contacted Bob to see what the next step would be. Bob told me, if I paid him 1500 he would be able to help me. As this is an insane amount, I declined his offer and decided to get counsel and seek different advice. He then called me repeatedly asking about the property that was left to my sisters and I. He asked all of my sisters and I, to make him executor of the estate to handle the property dealings. I asked Mr Pilkington to stay out of my business and told him I would get a restraining order if needed. Mr Pilkington stated I was not "allowed" to do anything to the property, and he would know if I did because he could "see the property from his back yard". He stated if I sought legal counsel and not go through him, he would help my sisters "take the property" from me. I even asked him, "Why" and "what is your issue" with me. He was suppose to be originally helping me and now hes angry and yelling. This was several months ago, and my sisters and I have decided to sell the property. I enlisted a Realtor and we have been working together. She informs me yesterday that she received an email from Mr Pilkington, an attorney. I told her he is NOT an attorney, he is only a paralegal. She has ignored his email, however this is getting ridiculous. Bob wrote this email pretty much threatening the realtor that if she goes through with the sale, that he would file civil suits against myself, the realtor etc. aS PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE of my step fathers estate it is my job to handle his last wishes and estate. Mr Pilkington is preventing me from doing this. I emailed Mr Pilkington 7-15-16 to advise him to stay away from my property and business dealings. I feel harassed and threatened by Mr Pilkington. I would like him to stay out of my business, I feel he has interest in the property and would do anything to get it. Please stay away, directly and indirectly from myself, my sisters, and this property.

Jul 15, 2016

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