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Normally I don't really care what new PC thug-ism and parroted talking points the media is espousing. Samantha Bee is concerning, however, because of her half truths based on ignorance and fallacy, and the fact that her fan base consists of 20-something socialists and low information voters.

When Samantha Bee is making fun of Libertarians for suggesting we don't need a states drivers license, Samantha Bee is forgetting to mention The 14th Amendment, where in America, we are guaranteed the right of travel on public roads via modern and privately owned conveyance. Did she leave that little tidbit out on purpose or is she just ignorant of the 14th Amendment? How dare we as Americans be aware of our rights as citizens and suggest that illegal revenue collection by the states or fallacy like "driving is a privilege" be allowed to continue. That is either a lie through omission or she is a complete idiot. Perhaps the truth was just too inconvenient for Samantha Bee's format? Perhaps the fact that our 2nd Amendment guarantees the rest of the Amendments is also a little too inconvenient?

Then there's Samantha Bee's take on England's exit from the EU. Perhaps England just watched as Germany had to bail out Spain, Italy, France, and Greece with Chinese money (because socialism is a failure)? Perhaps England didn't want their economy taken down as well? Perhaps Samantha Bee forgot to mention that, as it conflicts with her atheist, socialist world view despite the fact that in America, the government can't even successfully run a post office, much less all of our lives for us. That's the problem with socialists, they never want to elevate their own existence, they just want the successful to have to live as they do.

Lest we forget, then there's her take on daddy Bush's exit from the NRA. Samantha Bee must really have her facts in order to go back to 1993, right? Wrong! There was once a little town called Waco. A man there named David Koresh had a successful and thriving little cult called The Branch Davidians. There was also a little federal agency called the ATF that the NRA called Jack Booted Thugs for their raid that killed many innocent men, women, and children. This is why Daddy Bush left the NRA, as he didn't like this illegal federal agency being called Jack Booted Thugs. Samantha Bee failed to mention all these inconvenient facts as well, out of ignorance or fallacy.

TBS, could you please hurry along The World Series or anything else that will preempt this foul mouthed idiot? She cuts way too much in to my Big Bang Theory time as she panders to low information voters and 20-something socialists who really just want 1987 back, they just don't know it because they weren't born yet. I can't believe Samantha Bee can even speak with all that Big Government in her mouth. Maybe Samantha Bee should go back to Canada and play hide the gun with old Neil Young? "She's cool, she's hip, she uses swear words on national tv..." Yeah so what? She's also an ignoramus that can't tell the truth to save her life, either by refusal or because she simply doesn't know about anything she's preaching about. She's nothing but a reminder of why we as a nation should never let a liberal woman with a convenient memory be in charge of anything ever. She'll wreck everything she touches, as evident by Samantha Bee. Samantha Bee, you wont change anything with your opinions, you'll only change things by your example. If punk rock from the 1980's changed anything, it wasn't politics or the citizens of the USA exercising their rights as Americans. Old news like you may want to consider that.

  • Updated by M Mcknight · Jun 01, 2018

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    TBS, It has been two years of my changing the channel when this runny blue waffle named Samantha Bee comes on TV with her grating voice, out of line stupidity, distortion of history, twisting of facts, sexism toward men, and now, guilt of using an actual slur on the clock which goes way beyond the politically correct perception of a suggested insult (what Roseanne did off the clock). Are you, TBS, really about to show your [censored] with a double standard as flagrant as this and not fire her? If you don’t fire her you’ll be fueling a polarization among the populous that is becoming more dangerous by the minute.


  • Ri
    Richard78499 Jul 23, 2016

    I can't stand Samantha Bee she is a stupid liberal slag, and a c...u...n...t...

    31 Votes
  • Mi
    Mike3rph May 31, 2018

    @Richard78499 Agreed Richard. She should not only be canceled, but her attitude, in general, is a great reason she should be blackballed in the industry. Certainly, her off-color humor is not needed on our viewing choices. I will only watch TBS to write down the advertisers, and then write to them that my will not only stop purchasing their products but will encourage others through mass social media. Of course Zuckerberg will probably ban the posts.

    27 Votes
  • Tr
    Trump all aboard Jun 06, 2019

    @Richard78499 Agreed! Can't stand that bitch!

    2 Votes
  • @Richard78499 I totally agree why TBS lets her stay on air is anybody's guess. She is not funny and half of her facts should be checked first before she states them. Samantha Bee and another host Seth Meyers are a small part of why this country is so divided right now, can't they talk about maybe lets see comedy. Well in Samantha's case I don't think that is possible she is terrible.

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  • Me
    Melbob Mar 22, 2017

    Can't stomach the woman. Especially when she bashes people she has no real knowledge about. She's not even American. She's Canadian. She needs to go back. She also needs to quit calling herself and American also. Someone needs to yank her off the air. What rock did she crawl out from under anyway?

    34 Votes
  • Mm
    M Mcknight Jun 01, 2018

    @Melbob Lynyrd Synyrd spoke of another Canadian putting down America. They summed it nicely “eh”? The rock she crawled out from under was that pathetic John Stewart show. When John Stewart had Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on his show, all he could was slump his shoulders when he realized how inferior he was. Gary Johnson spoke of his Mt Everest climb and All John Stewart could say was that he liked Doritos. These aren’t even people. They are social leaches that encourage Joe Public to be leaches too. Their message is “Don’t accomplish anything, it makes the rest of us look bad. If you try, we will regulate you with our communism until you’re forced to live like everyone else (except us, of course. We’re libiots with a platform so we won’t have to live like you).”

    15 Votes
  • Fe
    Felicity Joy Beall Zimmer Mar 22, 2017

    I refuse to watch this show and I refuse to support any products that are shown during the times of this show. Sam bee is a huge waste of time and talent.

    34 Votes
  • Bo
    Bobby Lawson Apr 04, 2017

    she is a POS i will not watch and decided to not watch tbs till they kick the #### off there station

    32 Votes
  • Bo
    Bobby Lawson May 10, 2017

    when this POS come's on i change the channel to something worth watching

    29 Votes
  • Ve
    Veteran1 May 15, 2017

    I find it very sad that a television station that once was thought to have good programming has slipped so far in that department by allowing such a ignorant and offensive show as Samantha Bee, really all she can do is attempt comedy at the Presidents expense how distasteful. She aims her show to entertain the snowflakes and democrats, fact is they lost and can't handle it, there is a winner and loser in every election and the country moves on and until now they have never put such CRAP on television. I request that this show is extremely offensive to anyone who believes in the United States Of America, no wonder the American people have lost trust in the media. Please remove this distasteful offensive show off AIR so that I may enjoy TBS again but until it is off Air then TBS is off our television.

    29 Votes
  • Me
    Melindae1 Dec 26, 2019

    @Veteran1 I absolutely agree! It angers me to no end hearing her bash one of the greatest Presidents Donald Trump.
    This Samantha Bee is mentally unstable

    0 Votes
  • @Veteran1 I don't watch the show the commercials are enough to turn it off...she needs to go. I wonder if TBS executives follow any of this...I hope so and listen to what is being said, they can't have any rating for that show.

    1 Votes
  • Lo
    Lou1981 Jun 15, 2017

    I agree with the complaints already posted. I have quit watching TBS since they seem to support her type of mentality. I really think the name of her show should be Samantha Bee trashes Trump Again to inform viewers of really what is coming on.

    25 Votes
  • No
    notlikecandy Jun 28, 2017

    @Lou1981 I so agree! She needs to stop bashing President Trump.
    America majority voted him in ..and he deserves a chance!
    He has created jobs & trying to help us all, but people like samantha bee and conan etc and most of hollywood lies & steps way over lines.
    We all need to unite to end this insanity! #BoycottSamanthaBee and #BoycottTbs

    19 Votes
  • @Lou1981 Lou 1981
    I agree with you. I am now quitting TBS until Samantha Bee is off the air. No one needs this filth on TV.

    18 Votes
  • No
    notlikecandy Jun 28, 2017

    Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:26:34 -0400
    Subject: Samantha Bee full frontal
    I have always loved shows on your station such as KIng of Queens ...etc.
    But We are Boycotting the station because we can no longer tolerate the rants against President Trump ...Samantha bee ..full frontal is disgusting!
    You need to take this show off or shut her up.
    Any other host etc that speaks badly about our President needs to stop!
    This war on the president is outrageous.
    Thank you.,

    18 Votes
  • Bo
    Bobby Lawson Jul 12, 2017

    can't beleave this pos is still on tv guess i have to quit watching tba again

    18 Votes
  • Ca
    Catso Aug 02, 2017

    I green with all the above comments but would add that I do enjoy other shows on tbs... why can'take you be consistent? I am tired of no-talent self-proclaimed stars using slander and disgusting imagery against our president. Samantha Beach reminds me of once-funny comedians who, now facing the end of their run and real humor, resort to bad language and insults in place of entertaining material. Please get rid of her!!

    10 Votes
  • Br
    Brian D Swinford Aug 05, 2017

    Why is she still on the air for ? Everything she touches turns to crap. The Detour for example. Another piece of crap from a piece of crap. The bigger question is why do i pay good money for TV programing have come across this crap. Please hear the people and stop spreading this crap. Morals and values are not a bad thing in our society. BTW Wrecked is also a pointless stupid show with no value whatsoever.

    12 Votes
  • Mm
    M Mcknight Jun 01, 2018

    @Brian D Swinford I believe it’s on the air because libiot sheople just love a good echo chamber. It’s so loud they can’t even hear their own double standards or the sound of themselves following each other of a cliff. Ignorance must be so bliss. This libiot from Canada is just one of many who like to come down here and tell us what’s wrong with us. Niel Young, Bryan Adams, and now Samantha Bee...they’re the crap you scrape off your shoe at the end of a long day. The vitriolic reactions Samantha Bee provokes cause the very sexism and racism she is supposedly against. If she were in front of me I’d spit in her filthy face.

    8 Votes
  • 46
    46 year old female Aug 30, 2017

    TBS please take Samantha Bee off the air. She is annoying and is not funny! I see that her ratings are slipping as well so why is she still on the air? She is not even American but yet likes to bash our president. That in my eyes treason. Why are you not supporting our country by putting shows on that don't have political views?!?! Right now is the time when our country needs to be supported and not drug threw the dirt to look stupid!! Keep playing Big Bang re runs instead of that crazy witch that needs her " safe place". God Bless the USA ! I support our president! I support our military! USA. USA. USA. No Bullies allowed, time for us all to come together! Show support not hate!

    15 Votes
  • Be
    Bedeo Sep 20, 2017

    I Love the majority of the shows on TBS, But I have started Boycotting TBS and All of its sponsors because of Samantha B... and her bias humor. I never hear her joke about Hillary or Obama. She is Way Too bias for my taste. When she is gone, I'll tune back in to TBS.

    12 Votes
  • Jo
    Joe Forgione Dec 04, 2017

    I used to watch tbs but will no longer watch either TVS or TNT while Samantha Bee is on. I’ve never seen a tv show that disrespects the President and is so biased. I guess she has the ok with the network. I would’ve love to see someone get away with disrespecting Obama the way she does President Trump. Her entire show focuses on insulting our President, and that’s not ok with me. So You can count me out as a viewer of your network.

    13 Votes
  • Ge
    GeorgePatty Jan 07, 2018

    We don't watch any channel she's on. Boycott her and everywhere she appears. She's an [censor] IQ zero
    I dislike all bullies especially her!

    13 Votes
  • Sp
    Spike3620 Mar 21, 2018

    Use to be a Big Fan of TBS. The Samatha Bee show changed that. Unfortunately when watching shows on TBS, I have to change the channel when a promotional ad comes on for her show. Often times, I don’t change back. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Why does TBS have a show on that primarily mocks out President. It makes me question the leadership at TBS. Come on TBS, I know you can do better.

    14 Votes
  • Up
    Upsetgranny Mar 21, 2018

    Usually change TBS when her show comes on, seems like she would have nothing to talk about period if Trump was not OUR President. But...Sorry TBS tonight was the final straw having your channel on. Usually watch Big Bang reruns, grandkids are here and I didn't change channel fast enough. Help me explain to 9 and 10 year old her dialogue (3/21/18) concerning women's health issues and orgasms with language including "fingering" Will have husband block TBS from our TV. BTW She is not a comedian she is a A1 Bully.

    13 Votes
  • Wa
    WayneVan2 Apr 24, 2018

    When Samantha Bee (or even a commercial for her terrible show) comes on, I immediately change the channel.

    She is a no-talent hack.

    15 Votes
  • Om
    [email protected] Jun 20, 2018

    @WayneVan2 I enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory but having the constant commercials for the talentless, ignorant Samantha Bee show is really aggravating. I don't care if they force me to watch these commercials I would rather have my arm cut off than watch that bimbo!

    5 Votes
  • 1q
    1q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0p May 01, 2018

    I have given up TBS because of this disgusting piece off snail [censored]. TBS used to have the best programming and I could just enjoy TV as entertainment. Now TBS is allowing this mouthy [censored] to spend her whole show bashing our President. Liking him or not liking him does not matter, he is our President, show some respect and change the TBS lineup to reflect the family values we used to love. One of the first things is to cancel this gross and disgusting show before you have no viewer.

    15 Votes
  • Rl
    RL Merder May 31, 2018

    Samantha Bee is an embarrassment to this country in every episode of her show. Not only is she an embarrassment but is the prime example of an absolute waste of human skin. If anyone said any number of the things she has said about this country's presidential family overall, you name it and she's said it, that person would have been cut immediately. It's only because we suddenly have a taste for equality only if its aimed at cutting down anyone who claims red, even a slightly dark shade of pink, as their political preference. Her version of free speech is what will get this country to degenerate back to the 1940's and beyond - this is the kind of hate that gets people fueled enough to commit crimes against humanity. Be very careful TBS, you're not improving anything about our generation by promoting these types of shows. I believe in freedom of speech 100% - I also believe in treating others (even those who don't believe the same as I do) with respect.

    16 Votes
  • Di
    Dignified1 May 31, 2018

    She is just trash and TBS for supporting it is becoming trash. I stopped watching a lot of their shows because they don’t have anything intelligent to say. I just don’t think I’ll be watching TBS anymore no putting in her house watches it I block that channel from my TV because is just too stupid to watch .

    16 Votes
  • Ti
    Tina Marvel May 31, 2018

    Samantha Bee exhibits the raw rage and hate that she superimposes on her perceived "enemies" each show she performs for her audience. I am asking for severe disciplinary actions, best of which would be her cancellation and firing for her atrocious and heinous remarks in attacking Ivanka Trump. Her words and hate have no place on television and as I write this we here in my town/city are galvanizing boycotts of your advertisers and your station in hopes that TBS will show our country and the world that have access to her "feckless" self that it when it sees a wrong corrects it for the greater good and shows some level of moral culpability.
    Thank you.

    15 Votes
  • CherriLee May 31, 2018

    If ABC will cancel Rosanne after a so called “racist” comment, TBS you better wake up as well. Samantha Bee has no right to insult the President of the United States daughter. I think calling a woman a “feckless [censored]” is far more disturbing than a low class joke made by Roseanne Barr. Your network is just as much at fault for allowing her filth than she is even speaking it. I don’t agree with everything that goes on in Washington but to have my President and his family being insulted to the enth degree on national media should be criminal. Now listen here you comedian coward “Samantha WannaBee” the American people are tired of your disgusting, tasteless jokes. Your comments have gone too far and in my opinion you “feckless [censored]” how about you learn that you’re as tasteless as it gets. You need to remember what country you live in. Remember there are men and women defending your right to run your filthy mouth. So before you insult the First family again. Say that to yourself in the mirror because your voice is a reflection of your self hatred and jealousy. TBS. FIRE HER. CANCEL HER SHOW. MAKE AN EXAMPLE LIKE ABC DID ROSEANNE. There is nothing acceptable about any of this.

    12 Votes
  • Pe
    Pen57 May 31, 2018

    This freak of nature needs to be fired immediately. Never heard of her before now, I guess this is her 15 minutes of fame, bashing the President's daughter. This nut is a disgrace not only this country, but to TBS, apparently they are to stupid to realize she is a disaster. Your standards have hit the bottom TBS.

    15 Votes
  • On
    OneJoe May 31, 2018

    If Rosanne can get fired for her comments. Then Samantha Bee needs to be fired for the continuous swearing about the President including last nights comment about Ivanka being a feckless c**t. Or does she keep her job because she is a liberal whereas Rosanne is a conservative?

    16 Votes
  • Ga
    Garebel May 31, 2018

    TBS - The [censored] Channel. No reason to watch your channel as long as this 'Woman' has a job.

    8 Votes
  • Ro
    Robert Capraro May 31, 2018

    Wow Samantha has been on a roll. She is funny, dynamic and spot on. She was "no Holds Barred" with the MetooMovement. All men who have misused power beware. Samantha Bee will have you posted across national media (her show) for everyone to see. He commentary on the Trump Whitehouse is relentless. I am not sure who helps her keep track but she does not miss a beat or misstep. I am sure she caught the news about Rosanne Barr!! However, I guess it is OK for a woman to attack a First Child- who also happens to be a woman. And for Samantha to create a horrible environment for someone not elected to office and to ridicule her for a job she actually does not have. Well, at least not until CNN just broke news that Ivanka will become an unpaid federal employee but that was not part of Samantha's rant. https://www.cnn.com/2017/03/29/politics/ivanka-trump-white-house-job/index.html
    I think her attack on Ivanka is inexcusable and no amount of apology is sufficient. Samantha's behavior is unacceptable in the public space. Her comments were not in a private tweet or facebook post, but part of a very public and popular show. Ted, it’s time to take action. If you need some mentoring or coaching check out how Bob handled it.

    0 Votes
  • Je
    Jerry Loposser May 31, 2018

    typical liberalist s---. entitled to disagree with anyone who supports the President of the United States, however a corporation such as TBS should have equal standards and not favoritism.I will no longer watch your filth (as if I ever did) .

    12 Votes
  • Je
    Jerry Loposser May 31, 2018


    2 Votes
  • Do
    Douglas Mark May 31, 2018

    This is disgusting!! I am appalled by the language used on your network. I have children in my household and this disgusting language is unacceptable for television. I hope you will consider disciplining this foul mouth “comedian” that you have on your network.

    8 Votes
  • Ak
    Akkadian1 May 31, 2018

    Why does Samantha Bee still have a job? She has more than crossed the line with her disgusting and incendiary remarks regarding Ivanka Trump. The fact she is still there leads me to believe you are ok with her disgusting behavior. As long as she’s with your network, I will not be watching ANYTHING from your network.

    13 Votes
  • Sh
    Sharon Stajda May 31, 2018

    Samantha Bee's comments were disgusting. Much more than over the top. making a father-daughter sexual comment is vile. Especially in regards to our president and on a network that millions view. Samantha is known for such vile comments. Time to can her. I for one will blog vigorously to stop friends and family from tuning in to tbs until she is fired. I for one am over this kind of belligerent vile crap. This is just as bad or perhaps worse than the Roseanne comment. I will also boycott your sponsor's.

    13 Votes
  • Re
    RebeccaCR2015 May 31, 2018

    I would like to complain about Samantha Bee and her incredibly filthy mouth that she uses against the President of the United States daughter and women in general. To call Ivanka Trump that name (the c word) is completely offensive to all women! She needs to be taken off the air immediately!!! No one else but liberals can get away with such things. If a Republican said this, they would be off the air and driven out of Hollywood. But NOOOO if you don't like Trump you can say whatever you want and Hollywood loves you even more. Well not this woman!!! Take this piece of trash off the air!!!

    13 Votes
  • An
    AnnieAnn May 31, 2018

    Samantha Bees is a disgrace! I am appalled at her comment about Ivanka Trump. Anyone with half a brain, should know better - especially after the Roseanne fiasco from the previous day. Bees "apology" doesn't cut it with me! Roseanne apologized and still lost her job. It is time for the same to happen to Bees! No more double standard!!!

    12 Votes
  • Mi
    Michellebailey May 31, 2018

    Ms. Bee should have been fired long ago. I really cannot thank Canada enough for allowing this leftist, foul mouthed woman to become a citizen of the US (of course this is a joke). Can Canada take her back?Just what we needed here is another mean, discusting leftist person who thinks she's funny, but is not. I watch the Big Bang theory in LA and as soon as I see this person, Ms. Bee, I change channels. She is an example of just how mean the left is. Her mother must be so proud of her. Listen Ms. Bee, your show should be cancelled and you should be cancelled because you are not funny and your mean girl vibe is disgusting. To hurt decent people with her leftist dirty mouth just proves she is an ignorant, unfunny comedian. Her calling the president's daughter the C word just tells me what I have known all along. ms. Bee is a worthless leftist, foul mouthed mean girl. I want her fired. If Rosanne was fired, Samantha should be fired. Ms. Bee should be apologizing daily for the pure crap that comes out of her mouth. Fire her for God's sake.

    11 Votes
  • Ni
    Nixer May 31, 2018

    She should be fired just like Roseanne, what the heck kind of people say things like that.Shes truly disgusting.

    11 Votes
  • Si
    sierra1991 May 31, 2018

    Our family has quit watching ANYTHING on this network because of the distaste of Samantha Bee. She's crude, vulgar, and disgusting, ON TOP OF being ignorant and misinformed. You can't take partial truths and whole lies and make a show of it. America has enough misinformation going around without some pop-culture nitwit spreading more of it. I'm a "20-something Trump supporter" I guess you could say, but I don't even like that man most days. I don't agree with everything he does or says, but for Samantha to attack his daughter and family and make vile comments towards them because of her distaste for our President...well, that just doesn't sit well with me at all. I won't watch ANYTHING on this network until her show is GONE!

    10 Votes
  • Ca
    catherine madeira May 31, 2018

    MY FAMILY is DEMANDING that your company TERMINATE IMMEDIATELY SAMANTHA BEE, , or we will never watch any channels in your network again, , ever..

    11 Votes
  • Ma
    Mark Christensen May 31, 2018

    My family will be boycotting TBS until Samantha Bee is no longer on the air.

    10 Votes
  • Be
    Beezlebub12323 May 31, 2018

    My family will boycott TBS and all affiliated stations until Samantha Bee is terminated. How could you allow that on your station? We will also research advertisers and address the issue with them.

    10 Votes

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