Mozillaabuse of corporate position and abuse of email privilege

I recently received an unbelievably stupid email from Mozilla, specifically Chris Beard. He comes across as someone too misguided to be running a responsible corporation such as Mozilla.

Obviously oblivious to political realities, he abused his powers and assumed I had an interest his position on the temporary ban on travel from 7 countries. I have been a Firefox user for quite some time, have contributed to the Mozilla Foundation on occasion, and resent receiving such an inane commentary that was unsolicited.

It is apparent from Mr. Beard's descriptions that I am not a Mozilla "believer" and now feel compelled to react in the only fashion left to me (I don't have am open access to millions of my product Users like Mr. Beard) and I choose to abandon Mozilla products.

R. Charles Scott, CPA
Sarasota, Florida

Feb 01, 2017

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