Movie Star Planetmy daughter paid £10.49 for a months vip status they have taken the payment but she not been made a vip.

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I updated my daughters movie star planet" purpel and pink girl "account with a months VIP costing £10.49 on Tuesday 6th Jan 15, and although they were quick enough to take the money off of her itunes account they did not make her a VIP.

After 24hrs I contacted moviestar planet letting them know what had happend, ( that was on Wed am), it is now Fri evening and I have not heard anything, not even a email to say they have got it.

My daughter is very upset, as this was birthday money she had put on it, and enjoys playing the game, but if this is not resolved she will not be playing it any more.

I hope you can help me with this matter

Yours faithfully

Mrs Foley.

Jan 09, 2015
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  • Cr
      Aug 14, 2018
    MovieStarPlanet - I didn't authorize my 11 year old to make a 120 dollar payment
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    My debit card is being charged 120 dollars for this MSP and I didn't authorize it... my 11 year old set up what she thought was a free account and it has charged my account 120 dollars... I didn't authorize this nor do I pay for this

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    MovieStarPlanet - Hacking my daughters accounts

    Someone has hacked my daughters accounts MilinaJaque and MissLittleAngel could you please tell me the passwords

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    MovieStarPlanet - Scammed by juliaiscools
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    Dear moviestarplanet, today I got scammed on my account RøSeŠ and juliaiscools
    wont give back the things and She blocked me can you please try to give me back my things

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      Aug 15, 2018
    MovieStarPlanet - Money taken out of my bank account
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    Can I have all details for purchases and payments linked to my email
    A payment for 10.99 has been taken on the 15 June 2018 that was not authorised
    The money was taken and has left me with no funds in my account. As a single mother this had caused untold problems to myself

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      Aug 20, 2018
    MovieStarPlanet - Hacked
    Australian Ext. Territory

    I was hacked and she stole my stuff now they have taken my account now! I'm really want it back

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  • Ab
      Aug 20, 2018
    MovieStarPlanet - MoviestarPlanet/ Locked
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    My name is Abby Farnsworth. My account on the USA server: starlight23001. Was supposedly locked for 3 days earlier. Now it is 7?!

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  • Ba
      Sep 10, 2018
    MovieStarPlanet - vip

    yesterday i payed for star vip for a year and i never got my vip i would like u to tell me my acc name is =Back To You=

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  • Fa
      Sep 21, 2018

    MovieStarPlanet vip

    Purchased 1 month vip Wednesday it is now Friday. Money gone from account but no vip. Have tried resolving via emailing customer support, Not helpful at all.

    They are requesting a full receipt number, and the last 4 digits of my card.

    I only have a code that came up on screen along with a message that told me to contact customer support. according to the 3 people I have spoken to at MVP Support this is not enough. they need proof of purchase. I am sure a code containing several numbers and the letters GB should mean something along side my card details But they just keep messaging me the same email back over and over. even after I told them this is all I have.

    Really not happy it is theft to be perfectly honest. They have taken money from my account and haven't given me anything for it.

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      Oct 03, 2018
    MovieStarPlanet - Nasty kids talking to my daughter and scammed her from her three year old account!
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    I am rather mad about this, seeing my daughter getting asked for her phone number, kik, or even for nudes!!! then after the guy hacked her!!! when she tried getting it back they had already deleted it!!! her new account is now =Lemonette= and i think she deserves more, she has been treated poorly and has been harassed!!! DO SOMETHING OR ELSE.

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  • Ha
      Nov 06, 2018
    MovieStarPlanet - Membership
    Truro, England, West Country
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    My daughter has the moviestarplanet app and I've paid £8 membership for and someone has hacked into her account and changed her password

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