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Dallas, TX, United States
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We all know how stressfull moving can be, the searching for a good company, transfering utilities, bank info, credit card info, etc. I did lots of research on several moving companies before deciding to use MoveConet.I saw the negative comments here, but I had a friend recommend this one to me and why would a friend give me a bad recommendation? So moving day arrived and I have to say, the office staff and movers were extremely professional and well knowledged in moving and protecting my belongings. I had a 3800 sq ft home to move from Dallas to Pleasant Point and they did an excellent job.The guys wrapped all the furniture as needed and my tv's. We had an old family heirloom (about 100 years old) which they treated with the upmost care and like it was something they themselves owned. I am extremely pleased with this moving experience.Will recommend this company to any and all who WANT a GREAT moving company that has good pricing and staff!

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