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Motel 6 / deplorable motel

1 Knoxville, TN, United States Review updated:

We can NOT understand how it is that Motel 6 is still in business. We booked a 3 night stay at Motel 6, from Expedia, for Motel 6, 258 Harry Ln Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37923 to stay at while on a trip to Smokey Mountains and it was full of transient looking people that lived in the rooms. These same people would go into the pool with their street clothes on. They were allowed to stay in the pool until midnight. There was a transient sitting 3 foot from our filthy room door with his guitar, the kind of person you would see on a street corner begging. The tub was moldy, the walls had what looked exactly like some sort of human fluids or animal fluids on them. Made us want to puke. The air conditioner was going on and off all night, we had to keep waking up to fix it so it would turn back on being that it is July and very hot and humid in Knoxville at this time of year. The next day the toilet ran over and would not go down and we called the man at the front desk, Michael, who should NOT be interacting with customers due to how he looks as if he has a disease because his finger was cut off and his bones were sticking out of his finger, it was horrifying. His elbow has a raw bone sticking out of it also. He looked as if he was ready to be cremated. We told him the toilet would not go down due to being clogged or something and he told us he didn't have a maintenance man so I asked for a plunger and he said he had none. we went to ask for a refund because we can NOT stay in a motel that was this deplorable and he said for us to just turn around and leave. So we turned around and went to the nasty room and we got our things and we left. We were very distraught that we were treated in a bad way. We paid for 3 nights, stayed 1 night and only got 1 night refunded. I am grateful we at least got 1 night refunded, but that was after our friend, who is from Knoxville went in and asked him for a refund. She talked like a person from Knoxville and she said it was her Southern charm that convinced him to refund us the 1 night. It seems the people around Knoxville don't want visitors in or around their city. I will keep my money away from there and NEVER again go to any Motel 6 for the rest of life no matter where they are located they all seem to have the same reputation. Motel 6 is NOT for the normal vacationer or traveler. And do NOT believe what you see in the photos they post for their motel and rooms. These are very DECEIVING!
These motels should be for transients only.

Jul 4, 2018
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  • La
      12th of Jul, 2018
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    As I read these reviews, I realize that my "stay" was just as bad as many reported here. I was at the end of a long trip from FL to VA, and just could not make it further than Lumberton, NC. Decided to stay at the Motel 6, as it was right off the highway. All the non-smoking rooms were booked, so I took a smoking room. Big Mistake! First of all, it was on the back of the motel, next to an unkempt field, where there were many vagrants hanging out, a large man in a white panel van doing a drug deal, and people milling about. When I entered the room, the smell of smoke was as thick as a small fire. The bed spread had several burn marks, and stains, and crusted spills, or God knows what else. There was one outlet that had the TV, microwave and lamp plugged into it. There were holes in the walls of the room and bathroom. The bathroom ceiling was wet water stained and leaking. The shower was nasty as was the commode, and floor was warped. I was NOT going to sit on the bed, so I pulled out a chair, and attempted to call the front desk. The phone face plate was missing, and you could see the innards of the phone. The receiver was caked with ear wax, or ten years worth of grime. YUCK. I tried to turn on TV. Did not work. Braved the risk of using phone to call "0". The front desk clerk explained the 2nd room over was using a hot plate to cook, and it keeps blowing out the TV and electricity. I went back to the front desk and told them I wanted a different room, not on the back, because I was afraid of the room, the electric going out, and the drug deals going down in the back of the place. She seemed to know what I was going to ask before I reached the desk. Even though I am disabled, I agreed to a second floor room. I have a lower back issue and can't climb stairs very well, especially with luggage. First room was #111. The second room was not much better. I slept with all my clothes on, kept my luggage zipped and in the shower stall. (No bed bugs in the shower). I pushed the desk and chair up by the door, and slept with my knife under the pillow. I did not shower, brush my teeth, or wash my face in the morning. I only used the commode because I was about to burst. This was the MOST DISGUSTING motel I have EVER stayed in. I would have walked to another hotel, but the folks I was traveling with were already asleep. DO NOT leave the light on for me!!

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